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  1. i shoot canon but it's true, especially on the entry level dslr. the rebels feels like toy whereas the D40/D3000 feel sturdy and better built.

    ohh okay I didn't know we were talking about strictly entry level. for the entry level it's definitely true, I had an XTi, also 30D. although a lighter camera is probably what most consumers are looking for, so that may be a factor, or it may be that canon doesn't want to spend the money on a better frame. i've come to really dislike canon, but i like the interface and have too much invested to switch.

  2. Redwing 1907's, got brand new for $160 from Case (thanks again sir) normal retail at my RW store is $260 after tax.


    anddd a custom handmade wallet from Unlucky, good prices, great guy to deal with, and I love the wallet. wallet is leather, chain is made from Kangaroo.


  3. well i have a pair of imperials that are 14 oz, and my SExDBxS09 are 16 oz. I wore both this summer, I don't think it's a really big difference, but it does get pretty toasty. but 16 oz is definitely manageable, even in CA summer.

    the zipper fly is just a matter of preference, I like the button fly on my imperials and db's, and my nudies have a zipper fly and it just doesn't appeal to me as much.

    like this past week, I'm sure being in LA you really felt the heatwave.

    (i'm in OC a little closer to the beach)

    is this gonna be your only pair all year long?

  4. ben_m3s90.jpg

    s'all i need

    12 gauge remingtion 870 express right? i own this gun. good luck reloading quick enough, and being close enough to take heads off.

    there's a chain of stores down the street from me, with a flat roof with ladders behind them for roof access. there are large glass domes on top of the buildings also. figure ill take my AR-15 up there, along with the 870 express, disconnect the ladders, break the glass domes . i'd take a rope with knots so if its clear i could drop down through the top of Ralphs, grab some groceries if needed, and go back up.

    I thought about this while reading the zombie survival guide a few years back. good shit.

  5. conservative girls with no sense of humor.

    today my female Human Sexuality professor said "DONT CUM IN EYEBALLS"

    the whole class is laughing..and i look at the girl next to me..and she has a serious face on, no expression. thhaaa fuck?

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