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  1. I'm glad you were able to work out that complex word problem.

    Try this one on for size:

    1*1= ?

    *hint, the answer is how many extra copies of chromosome 21 you have.

    hahaha nice, but actually it'd be 1+1+1.... down syndrome= Trisomy 21.

    oops doctorworm already got it.

  2. real gay

    DLR's are made to be dinged up and beaten up, they can take it, I don't really see the point of a faggy pack

    a magnesium alloy pro body...but not an entry level dslr.

    get a backpack that can hold 2 bodies and 2-3 lenses, if you end up expanding and getting more lenses, a backup body, an external flash unit, filters, cable release, extra batteries, you'll need the room.

  3. isn't there a big downside to getting a flu shot, like it makes you more likely to get sick from a more dangerous strain? along the lines of taking antibiotics too frequently or something like that?

    i dont think so. I know the flu shot can't give you the actual virus, but can give you similar symptoms after you've gotten the shot...which is kind of the same thing....

    as for me

    i haven't got sleep for shit because I cant get off Sufu and I wake up early every morning, and that combined with the heat today=

    my nose will not stop running. looked down for about 5 seconds and my nose dripped everywhere. pretty irritating.

  4. I smoke out my friends all the time. Last night was one of the few times they smoked me out with their bud that they got for free. But still kept asking me where my bud was. I had to answer multiple time that I didn't know where it was. It was a major buzzkill having to keep explaining I had no weed. Stingy ass peoples when they got weed but they like to try and kill my eighths when i roll through.

    shit that don't sound like friends to me.

  5. People really call the cops if they see a dude getting brain in his car? What the fuck?

    hahaha serious. i'm pretty sure it was a family walking with their little kid..i remember seeing a family in my side mirror, but didnt give a fuck considering i was gettin domeee.

    and I live in Foothill Ranch..one of the most conservative cities in OC. so ...people call the cops for everything.

    yeah...my friends (3 guys and 1 girl) all got FULL searched...i remember distinctly being yelled at because my friend "got his junk touched by a cop"

    i laughed for a good 15 minutes.

  6. Any blowjob stories in here?

    i was getting a bj in my car down at this public park near my house around 10pm...my friends saw my car and drove down next to me, while simultaneously i got a weird feeling and said we should leave and drove off with the girl i was dating. about 20 minutes after I drive away I get a call from my friend saying im a fucking bastard all 4 people in his car got searched because the cops had got a call about someone getting oral sex in a car down at the park.

    apparently the cops showed up about 10 seconds after I pulled away..

    moral of the story, if you get a weird feeling....GTFO

  7. Commissary probably WONT have the crewneck. Not yet at least. Assuming you're talking about the OC one, you're not toooooo far from the LA supreme store. Just go there and check it out.

    yeah it's the OC one. ill give it a shot, if not, I'll make a day out of it and hit the LA store. plus I wanna try on the waxed work jacket, so that works. thanks for the tips nugg.

  8. alright. I'm not skeptical of the brand, just tough for me to pull the trigger on stuff that expensive that I haven't held. considering my mom likes to constantly remind that I have "champagne taste on a beer budget"

  9. ^ that and people who send text messages while driving. It takes more of your attention that driving..

    can't you wait until you arrive where you are going or simply waiting to catch a red light?


    on a texting note..i hate when people text me "hey" then i text back "hey whats up" or something along those lines...and they never text back. why the fuck did you bother texting me if you've got nothing to say?!

  10. This is only true for film. For digital, it's the exact opposite: expose for the highlights, develop for the shadows. Digital sensors are notorious for blowing out highlights.

    you're right. I ALWAYS get this shit backwards. my bad. :(

    k here's another tip: don't follow my advice

  11. here's a tip: expose for detail in the darks/shadows (if they are important), because in processing you'll have an easier time bringing highlights/lights down than bringing shadows/darks up.

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