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  1. I am selling a pair of Imperial Dukes, indigo, size 29. They have been worn for around 2 months, and have just started to fade, unfortunately I have to fund other things.

    Bought these brand new from Self Edge, they have never been hemmed or altered in any way, and have had only one hot soak. They have a ton of life left in them.


    Waist: 31 in.

    Thigh: 10.5

    Leg Opening: 7.75

    Inseam: 37


  2. wow, thanks Kiya. I never got their call or voicemail, which is probly my bad cause I'm using an old ass phone and it doesn't work that well. I appreciate you looking into that and taking care of it.

  3. went to the OC fair last wednesday (the 11th) and was wearing my FH310's, and as I'm walking across the parking lot to meet my gf, I see a guy walking with his girlfriend...wearing 310's. I yelled and brought it to his attention that we both had the same jeans on...but wasn't able to ask if he was on sufu. made my day though..hahah.

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