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  1. my bad for fucking asking, ass. -_-

    hahaha we're just kidding with you man. honestly, a large amount of people on this forum actually prefer the hairiness..a lot of the best denim around is hairy/slubby. learn to love it!

  2. I'm hoping that's a joke V if not...you should sell your fuzzy jeans and go get some rock and republics

    ...so close to neg repping...SO CLOSE

    a.khan got it right though...he left out one part of the washing though...BE SURE to use bleach...

  3. id go with the first one..not only can you see the details of the materials best, but i also like the angle and the wood that the shoes are sitting on most in the first shot. you also did a good job keeping the brand labels clearly recognizable with an interesting overlapping composition.

    my commercial photo teacher said this "get in close to your subject, and when you think you're close enough...get closer"

  4. Put yourself in Kiya's situation. Would you want to touch another person's pair of jeans that haven't been washed for x number of days/weeks/months?

    I think you just answered your own question.

    If I were him, I would want to blow crotches that haven't been freshly washed.

    you forgot no homo :/

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