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  1. thanks for the compliments guys..

    they're a size 29

    hem measures 7.3

    for reference I have strike golds in 29, fh310's in 30 and sexdbxs09's in 30..

    top button is painful in these..30 would have been ideal.

    stoked to pair these with my IHW-02 on the way :)

  2. this might have already been posted here or on the ih forum, but since i can't find it - is there a release date for the beatle busters set yet?

    indigo's will be up sometime this week if all goes according to plan...

    overdyes and sbftg will be later

  3. SEXI14 or Samurai S003jp?

    Has anyone seen how S003jp turn out over time. I have looked but have not found many evo pics. Also I do not know that much about Imperial. How is the quality?

    Idk about the s003jp but I had a pair of Imperial Dukes and quality was good...but this new denim for the 14 looks amazing, and I'm sure with self edge construction/quality will be top notch. Id go for the imperials.

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