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  1. yo FCK that man i think pulling a knife is gonna put you in a worse situation unless you're trained in knife combat. way too risky, too much liability, and if you don't know how to use a knife to fight you might fck yourself over if they get a hold of it or something.

    having a knife doesn't make me feel any safer than carrying a flashlight does.

    i use my knife to open stuff. i probably used it 2-3 times today, but only for opening stuff. personally i dont think the knife is necessarily the essential core of any EDC.

    definitely not the essential. i wouldn't pull a knife first obviously, but if he had pulled a knife or gun, i'd rather have a knife i'm not trained with than my bare hands.

  2. better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

    for example..i live in a nice part of socal. so who would ever need to carry a knife?

    me and my friends were just kickin it outside del taco in the parking lot around 11 pm. (me and my friends are all white with relatively short hair, but dont look anything like skinheads)

    this car rolls up next to us, three drunk ass mexicans hop out.

    "hey motherfuckers we're looking for some skinheads who jumped one of our homies" one of the guys keeps reaching toward his side like he's gonna pull a gun on us.

    my knife was in my glovebox, which wouldnt have done much good.

    now i carry my knife, because sketchy people are EVERYWHERE.

  3. fit pics with bare feet always look so akward to me.

    but regardless, i think it's a good fit. if you think it's too loose on the thighs, with such a high rise/long inseam, you definitely have room to pull em up an inch and they'll be tighter on the thighs.

  4. sneezing. i sneeze a minimum of 3 times in a row, and my body convulses, and it gives me a hotflash. it's especially bad when I'm driving and I sneeze 3-5 times in a row and almost crash and die.

  5. today: benchmade model 31, swatch pager, anti-yo buisine$$, gary scott titanium wallet


    dang thats an older benchmade huh? the thing I love about mine is the spring-latch, never gets in the way and when i squeeze it, it pops open. so innovative. i'd never carry it in Cali though, even if used for self-defense, I'm sure you'd still get fucked.

  6. maybe the whole point of the jimi hendrix/bob marley shirt is to poke fun at how readily people accept what advertisements, media, and the government tell us as fact. or to test people to think and question things.

    or it could be just to fuck with people. :)

  7. Actually if you read what I typed you'll notice i said extra copies. But its all good. Thanks for reading.

    Goodnight sufu!

    no, I don't misread. thanks for providing the lawlz.

    regardless, it was still funny because we all know what you meant.

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