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  1. lets hope this jackassness is contained in the bible belt and dies out due to inbreeding...

    its funny, the Indian girl says "of course I believe in god!" as if every person who's ever lived has believed in god. it scares me that people this ignorant are actually alive.

  2. where's that? and suprisingly it isnt grainy at all for iso 3200.

    i thought that when you go up in ISO picture gets more grainy? (sorry guys im new to this photography ish)

    it's not grain, its noise. grain is on film, caused by silver particles. (in simplest terms). newer cameras have A LOT less noise than previous at high ISO's, and also have long exposure noise reduction. and then there's post processing where you can also do noise reduction.

  3. I'm TTS 29 and some change, and wear that in PBJ and Skull, and a 27 in NS. I really wanna get some dukes when self edge restocks, should I stay with 29 or size down 1? Id hate for them to stretch out too much.

    i have 29's in all my jeans, including imperial dukes...they don't stretch much. And they're a pretty slim fit in the thighs..if you size down one they may hug your thighs.

  4. can't decide what size to get in 310's. I have a 29 in strike gold slims, imperials dukes, and dbxsexs09s. I don't want a real slim fit post-soak. should i go 29 or 30?

    decisions :/

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