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    not that i recall. with the exception of some barbour jackets and the occasional MIJ shirt, i've never really had issues with sleeve length. if anything, i tend to have the opposite problem, although i personally prefer sleeves to be slightly too short than too long (which is the complete opposite to 99% of people).
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    i haven't owned any acronym since 2012, but back then i had one shell in a S. i'm 6'1 and was probably 72kg at the time.
  3. conqueror

    Sugar Cane Denim

    do sugar cane shirts shrink much in people's experience? i have two long sleeves in L; one fits perfectly, the other is a little too snug around the shoulders and arms. subsequently, i took a gamble on a short sleeve madras western shirt in XL and it's huge. not sure whether to try a hot wash + dry, or cut my losses and try to sell it onwards as BNWT. edit: it's funny because for years most of my bad luck re: sizing was due to garments being too small. these days it's the complete opposite.
  4. conqueror

    World of denim shops

    thanks for the heads up. their styling and 'modelling' of shirts is fine, but the jeans...
  5. conqueror

    Unknown Non-Japanese Brands

    just received a bob dong ultra-heavy flannel as i really cannot justify paying (imo) obscene amounts for the IH equivalent. i read BD tends to fit smaller than bronson if anything, but unfortunately this fits much bigger than the two bronson shirts i own in the same size. absolutely love the colour (although i realise a lot on here will find it garish), so i'm tempted to re-order and try a size down...
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