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  1. 80s/90s shirt I got from my dad Random T shirt Diy belt with vintage hardware Ecru Okinawas (SC40115) Balcony birks
  2. Tbh I'm clad in gildan heavy cotton since I started working. Fit works out very good, if a bit long, wash well, easy to buy in bulk and pretty cheap. Good basic T shirt for under everything and works well on its own. Length is enough for tucking.
  3. Asking price? Looking promising
  4. Gildan, sc40105 sized up for summer, muji
  5. Looks like some kind of special release or advertisement, something with clutch maybe? Could muster out "clutchman"...
  6. Cleaning: soap/dishsoap and a brush, stick a bit of cling wrap under it to protect the leather. Removing: scalpel or small scissors with a sharp tip
  7. Thanks, I think the high water cuff makes them look a bit slimmer, but they are a tad tight in the waist. Good pre lunch, bit worse post lunch also actually am slim, these are a size 30, could rock them without a belt. with a 31 I would probably need it.
  8. 40s after 2,5 years, actual wear time probably around 10 - 12 month. They pretty turquoise in the pictures. Are actually more blue/grey in most areas.
  9. First day of vacay Waiting for the international drivers license Now waiting for the wife
  10. ^tanlines from a safety vest on the jacket?
  11. ^clean cuts heal good, they say chopped off a bit of finger as well?
  12. Pherrows 466 size 33 Good condition, worn, cuff lines visible, production run from around 2010 bought from the now defunct kesting & henschel. Open to offers/trades and so on, thinking 40-50 € or something along those lines BIG style measurements: Waist: 40 cm Thigh: 30 cm Front / back rise: 27,5 / 36,5 cm Knee: 22,5 cm inseam: 85 cm Leg opening: 19,5 cm shipping from germany
  13. Thanks mates! Really like them fitwise aswell, think they are in my top 3 right now.
  14. Wild how much contrast in texture these RRRs have.
  15. ^Isn't the stormrider denim also sanforized while the lvc type I is not?
  16. Stitching should be poly or polycore and jeans washed after dying. Had the same effect on the threads happen on my OD IHs and those have polycore stitching.
  17. Do it! Been tempted for a while aswell, but I'm trying to get through my stash before I get some new indigo denim...
  18. ^size up 2 so it would work with it?
  19. Been wearing lots of knitwear recently, gotta shrink that aran down a bit I think. Carhartt wip /sadly with new lining, might get that changed for one of granny's old wool blankets one day. Aran, SC, old asics, super u tote
  20. Recently won an auction for a pair of ecru Okis, SC40115 I think. Now the wait for them to arrive begins..
  21. Sorry for your losses @srudy & @bartlebyyphonics, condolences to the both of you.
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