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  1. 23 hours ago, smoothsailor said:

    Excellent @bartlebyyphonics, it doesn’t really matter how you cuff, or layer etc, it’s all well balanced.

    you pull your pants higher up when you don’t cuff it?


    11 hours ago, smoothsailor said:

    Aiming for the granddad steez

    no name hat, baracuta , gifted sweater, lee, vans



    oh Yass! what a Harrington!

    and generally my pants stay where there are, regardless of cuff age...

  2. 15 hours ago, busterthehuman said:

    I thought of it odd to ask him 'how do you know?' instead of just taking his word for it. 

    Asking is never impolite, if a seller claims it is they have something to hide... If someone can demonstrate the reality of a claim in my experience they never take umbrage but happily share concrete markers that define that thing... 

  3. seconded on the Alfred Sargent  ... got married in one of their Derbys very similar to those trickers above ... here is their cap toe Oxford which is a neater affair than the viberg above... grenson 'g1' line does a decent variation too

    if feely formal proper proper dress shoes are wholecuts... the alfred sargent 'cuthbert' version, church's [who seem to have jacked their prices up a whole new notch of silly] version...

    and yes; worn Cheaney plenty enough to recommend... 

  4. 2 hours ago, AlientoyWorkmachine said:

    Shout out to Redwing also as a sleeper. I mean, I know they're good shoes, but I picked up a pair of Postmans from the outlet awhile ago. I have more expensive stuff but honestly, those are great, good looking shoes and from a value perspective one of the best things I've got, and I go to those much more than I'd expected to when I picked them up. Sometimes a label is ubiquitous for a good reason. 

    ^ unironically, this...


    2 hours ago, Duke Mantee said:

    Rather than say why I don’t like some other brands, I’d rather just concentrate on what I know fits me best and gives me a wide choice.

    ^ and very much this... 

    32 minutes ago, aho said:

    Throwing a few jeans on the community sale thread shortly...


    ^ and expectantly this... looks like a lot of life left in that pile...

  5. 16 hours ago, JMS said:

    @smoothsailor NSYNC circa 2000. Ain't nobody wearing this stuff anymore. But there are similar motifs found today. 


    ^ lol, yup

    see some who tried the '00s comeback early... Vetements c.2016 for ss2017 collection bringing back noughties velour trackies via Juicy Couture, also doing fairly decent apron dress in collaboration with Carhartt in same collection...





    and in terms of Champion sweats return, they were in on that early on too...


    plus from same collection, another Champion look...


    I'd def. say the youngers around this way are still mining the skaggy polyester big jeans '90s vibe and yet to fully grab the gel laden peacockery found in the '00s NSync toolkit...

  6. 14 hours ago, busterthehuman said:

    I dunno... sounds like something someone with kids would say.. hahah.

    interesting film about a world with no children if you haven't seen it...

    but then again, this book has interesting premise about the heteronormative assumption that children are the bedrock and endpoint of social activity / the social bond

    certainly '#save the children' has been used to perverted ends by pizzagate and Qanon conspiracy theorists [enough to make one question any knee jerk reaction to children as metaphor of innocent future in current popular discourse, let alone the weaponised use of 'family values' in Thatcher/Reagan/Jesse Helms era ...]

    & @Double 0 Soul - this book on mushrooms that has been doing the 'anthropocene' critical theory rounds

    & @CSL - look great; really nice post wash, and really good with a good donkey puncher...

  7. I understand no wearing shoes indoors [and keeping boots in an elevated position to avoid lockdown puppy chew damage is my guess] ... b-b-but what about the indoor wearing of a hat b'gad!

    [I do keep shoes near desk as strange object-fetish at times: at certain times can only type when wearing certain shoes, but hey... and I do type this wearing a cap, indoors, but I do think, akin to @JMS the boots look like they might be being prepped for becoming-flowerpot treatment...]

  8. agreeing with the above; leather doesn't shrink (but rather stretches out, perhaps some arms lose length as the inner elbow creases set in) so is one of the few things I would get more fitted rather than oversized and draping... 

  9. 2 hours ago, Duke Mantee said:

    ‘Excellent spots work’? My arse it is …

    posted in excitement more than with an eye to rigour sirrah...

    forgot to post this 'kidney' belt spotting too...


    edit: also, to be sure, also on my mind for wobbly biker studs meets canonical experimental film; the opening and ending credits for Kenneth Anger's Scorpio Rising is perhaps of thread relevance, even if tangentially...




  10. and then, pardon me if this is old hat, and is spamming from Rin Tanaka's 'Motorcycle Jacket's...' book; just some images that I think are worth sharing...

    a portrait of the beloved man and men of Buco...



    more of the tie-n-jacket advert combos... as far from Marlon or Ramones as one might get...





    some stud work in honour of the sterling work of @Duke Mantee




    and then a medley of d-pockets across the mid-century for jollies...







  11. having spammed the waywt thread with my sears and my aero, just thought to post some leather details...

    from the sears 'the leather shop' - presumably 70s or 80s piece; great fit, terrible treated and crinkly/scaly leather... buttery shinki it is not... but heavyweight and easy wearing...






    and then; the aero leather 'everyman' a more 40s half-belt style; lower priced due to using up mis-matching grained leather in more of a multi-panel piece; great quality for the price point (less than 25% of a real mc-coy etc); but definitely a fit for the gaijin husky-boi: trim shoulders, but big expanse for any midriff to expand into (pretty a triangle but very much in the opposite direction to a motorcycle jacket which is trim in waist and expansive in shoulder)... quite bulky in front; hopefully wear will make it drop a little [but not holding my breath]... this apparently was the proto-type, made in mismatching grain 'jerky' horsehide [with a scratching to leather on one arm that would not be acceptable on a full priced piece...] - sold as a midweight leather it has definite presence... I'd struggle to wear their full weight front quarter horsehide








  12. 1 hour ago, Spiraltoy said:

    In what way do they announce the winners? Sorry if this has been talked about before.

    It would also be nice to see the contestants that haven’t posted here as well! Mostly thinking of the many participants from Japan.

    @volvo240thebest is best placed to answer; if I remember; ryo was going to make a post on the web-page of the entries on the tcb website: I don't know if that is when rankings will come to light... 

  13. 2 hours ago, Double 0 Soul said:

    In an ideal world t'would be lovely but my ride to work bears no resemblance to the tweed run..:D  commuting, i'm usually caning it on a road bike in all weathers wearing a shakedry gore jacket, jersey, track pants and chucks which i can easily get dry before my ride home.. if i'm riding MTB, i'm usually beard deep in mud wearing a tee, old combat shorts and Vans which all go in the wash when i get home... I bought the Brakey before we moved house and i became a full time cyclist.

    I would rather have the £££'s than see it trashed in the workshop.. most of my activities out of the workshop are centered around the outdoors/doing stuff which i have more (dare i say) suitable clothing for.. i think i've only worn sufu-style boots maybe once or twice in the last few years, tis why i don't hit the boots thread up anymore.

    edit- whoops "that you ride cycles not motorcycles" yes.. sorry bartles, i was on my way out the door.. I will get the hang of this 'reading' malarkey one day..

    fair enough!

    from your original post couldn't tell if you were really committed, so just was trying to find a way to divert any potential seller's regret as it is hard to recall a better fw fit and style combo of you and that jacket [and that isn't even me trying to be nice...]

    but, yes, a jacket that isn't worn is closet clutter, it is true. 

    from wearing my sears perfecto rip off I am amazed at how practical it is; but it stops at the waist; less overcoat-ish than a car-coat, so more of a type 1 / blouson option... also as a pre-thrashed c.40 yr old piece I am less precious about it than I would be with many other things I own...

    good luck with the sale!

  14. @Double 0 Soul - seems a pity to be rid of such a well fitting top line garment... what is stopping you from wearing it? (that you ride cycles not motor-cycles or open top cars as its design intended?); can't imagine it will age badly and there may be a 'time of life' when it hits a sweet spot? what happens if you sub it for your type 1 for other activities than the workshop?

    [edit; plus, also, ignore me, I'm a goddam hoarder...]

    anyway, should be posting this in 'old pix' thread, but feel this fits better here... one of Chris Killip's photographs of bikers from the Isle of Man TT races... 30s grizzly meets 70s fringing (but in werewolf mode) with a pompadour reaching for heaven... 



  15. On 2/28/2022 at 1:55 PM, volvo240thebest said:

    Here we go beautiful people!

    final submission rules:

    Picture rules: Maximum 8 pictures
    Picture submittance deadline: 14th March

    Please send the pictures to [email protected]
    Title: TCB WW2 fade contest/ your contestant number and your nickname

    How to judge: Each TCB member decides their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
    1st place-3 points
    2nd place-2 points
    3rd place-1 points
    The person who gets the most point wins.

    As you all know, the contest had lived a life of its own on multiple platforms, due to language barrier many JP didn't manage to create an account on sufu.
    Ryo would like to have all photos also to make a tcb contest gallery on Tcb website.

    I guess it doesn't hurt if we want to make a final submission thread here on sufu for the sake of posterity, but as I wrote above the evaluation and official submission will have to be made by email.

    hey ppl! reminder; today's the last day to get that email in...

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