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  1. That food catering life...IMG_2875.thumb.JPG.7ebb82f60c2c99d52f7d71e8b4351aa2.JPG

    Didn't feel like taking my full kit to the site today. Gotta say I felt pretty rad with my gyuto handles/butchers steel hanging outta my 3ts. Ronin shit. 

  2. I've experienced the same issue that @akuma no utadescribes in the collectible comic book market years before all the Mavel movies hit. Between undue hype, and inflated 'price guides' based on nothing but word of mouth sales it became untenable to try and compete for key issues in any set run of a series. Grailed is basically acting as a price guide, and Nike the hype. Eventually there will be a crash and we'll all be able to buy our p10's for less than $1200 again, and laugh at all the hype beasts still drooling for $300 supreme t-shirts. 

  3. i am unit: Josh

    i have place: Maine--United States

    i have origin: 1980's comic books--1990's comic books--anime--hallucinogens--more hallucinogens--squarepusher--aphex twin--even more hallucinogens--William Gibson--Neal Stephenson--1980's hip hop--Warren Ellis--Katsuhiro Otomo--Masamune Shirow--nihilism--punk rock--black metal--Buddhism--Duncan Trussel--bad data--AcronymAcronymAcronymAcronymAcronymAcronymAcronymAcronymAcronymAcronym--system dump--reboot

    i have companion: canid



  4. 15 minutes ago, Questlove said:

    I thought the look was more inspired by old samurai armor. Call me crazy, but the hood and TS chest looks like the helmet and chest plate.

    Don't get me wrong though, I personally like it and got one for myself.



    That's a much more flattering/inspired way of looking at it. USAgent is one of the worst Marvel characters ever... S'funny as just last night I was walking home in the rain in my J34-GTPL thinking what a wonderful mix of different traditional Japanese influenced silhouettes are apparent in said jacket(the J34 that is). 

  5. Not to beat a dead horse- but does this mean some new modulars maybe? MAYBEEEEE?!?!?!? (Not that I have any interest in those jackets. Too much going on. But the tec-sys...)

  6. I'd also like to chime in on the raccagni zips being less than optimal at times. When fully opened on my 3ts they frequently stick and require two hands to close. I've had the bag since the late summer restock, and carry it 5-6 days a week which should be more than enough time for the zips to 'break in'. They do have a nice and rugged look, but I wish I'd caught the 3ts drop with the olive/khaki green vislon zips and matching webbing. That bag is surface of the sun hot. 


    Edit: found a crappy pic from an old Grailed listing


  7. On 3/20/2017 at 4:24 AM, mayonnaise said:

    Anyone else here tried Life Behind Bars bags? I got one for cheap on grailed and honestly this brand is mega slept on imo. The quality and features on this thing was exceeded my expectations



    I picked up the Peloton Rolltop as my carry on when I went on vacation last fall. Super versatile/functional/durable and very comfy under heavy load. 




  8. 12 minutes ago, Xu Jianfeng said:

    Feel you but yeah,it takes time.

    If you really happy to be some whole set person,best way to keep eye of things now and then, at least you got one 3TS.

    There would be some random old 3rd items up,some might be decent price,hopefully. Also,by setting chasing period for about 2 years,you still could get some silver or black foil things like mz3 or mk1.


     Oh- I'm damn happy I got my 3ts last summer before the last couple drops were sucked up by the bots for re-sellers! I'd just like to see something that has the same black/cordura/goth-ninja-thing for pouches that the 3ts has visually.

  9. 13 minutes ago, xc-mtb said:

    Bagjack has some modules too. My MK fit a Fuji X T10 with 35 mm for example.

    Thanks for the reminder. Had my eye on their squarepouch a few months back, and got disracted emailing Mission Workshop about what size the propietary clips are on their ARKIV system, hoping they'd maybe be compatible. No dice.  

  10. It's a little frustrating that there's only been mk-1's released over the last year or so. I bought the 3ts because it Looked more streamlined than the 3a-1 and has more versatility in terms of add ons. Tossing a couple mk's on gives you basically a 3a-1 with less storage. Hell- if I've done my math right, you can't even fit a decent re-usable water bottle in the mk with the flap closed (correct me if I'm wrong on that one please). I've had my eye on a few different non acr molle compatible pouches but haven't been really happy with the overall aesthetics. Hopefully we'll see some pouches in the proper drop... (If you all have links to decent molle gear btw, please do tell)

  11. On 3/1/2017 at 9:25 PM, CARLOOA said:

    To be more pedantic about Gore Tex ("GT"): the face fabric can be whatever with a GT jacket—Nanamica make the cruiser with a cotton face with a GT membrane. The  expanded polytetrafluoroethylene ("ePTFE") membrane is the GT technology. I realize "Gore-Tex" is a metonym for waterproof fabric but we're 'bout that minutiae here, right?

    GT fabrics are usually sandwich constructed from outside to inside with outer layer, membrane, inner backer. GT Pro is the most "balanced" with breathability and durability with a 40 or higher denier face and the current microgrid backer (construction: face/membrane/backer). This is the heavier wearing crinkly GT that is required because the membrane layer isn't coated with polyurethane ("PU") for protection. GT w/ C-Knit features the circular knit "backer"—the skin facing layer that has a little loft for soft feel and lighter weight with a standard non-air permeable membrane (construction: face/membrane/backer). Paclite is a 2/2.5 layer fabric with just face/membrane rather than the face/membrane/backer construction. Active is another GT technology—not really familiar with it other than I have a Arc'Teryx Norvan that has super beading and lesser wear resistance.

    As far as I know, W.L. Gore controls/collaborates with the garment licensees for the fabric/garment making.


    With regard to water vapor escaping through the membrane—breathability isn't really appreciably different across the Gore-Tex line in my experience. It has to be a swamp in the jacket to really have perceptible differences something like >90% humidity. Also, to be clear to those who don't understand technical fabrics, they provide no warmth other than your bodyheat. If it is cold outside, you can maintain a sort of microclimate but when your bare skin touches the inner backer—there is no additional insulation and you will feel the cold. Additionally, you won't notice breathability when it's super cold or super hot out.

    I very much agree that GT as a stand alone is not sufficient to withstand extremes of cold. It is however excellent for layering purposes (IMO). I spend the majority of my time up here in the Artic wastes of Maine, and the elements at their best can bring a stout man low quite easily. I'm 37 and I've spent all of those years in said wastes. I've experimented with a variety of protective layers from head to toe. I'm a bit finicky in the sense that I don't care for hats, and prefer to layer as the weather can change quickly and spending a few minutes indoors between excursions can be rather uncomfortable if you're wearing the husk of a bantha. My preferred/most successful  loadout has come to light just this season. It consists of a core layer Tikak Poutnik Sage Sweatshirt, base layer LL Bean Signature Merino wool cardigan, shell layer ACR J34-GT, supplemented by a merino/nylon weave neck gaiter, and merino/nylon gloves (both courtesy of Kiui Outfitters, and both of which weigh mere grams apiece). It's really surprising how effective the merino and new school synthetics are at regulating temperature, especially in tandem. I can easily go between high/low energy activity, and quick temperature changes without getting the sweats/chills. Just before posting this I was wearing the above ensemble(minus the gaiter/gloves), at a bar for over an hour, albeit unzipped/buttoned, and felt perfectly comfy. Upon exiting the bar I zipped up and felt just fine in the 23 degree weather. 


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