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  1. Get divisive bruh. This season is INTERESTING GGGGGG

    51 minutes ago, Joshua James Barry said:

    J93-GTPL looks horrid

    I’m just gonna get in these P38-DS once they show up and get stoned and work these zips while I forget that I’m stoned lol


  2. 2 hours ago, hentaiyarou69 said:

    Don't seem like its reversible to me since the one E is wearing looks bulky and insulated and the one Lenny is wearing has no bulk at all.

    I think what E is wearing is the PX and what Lenny is wearing may be some other material?

    Edit: Looking at it again it just looks like maybe E got chonky 

    E got chonky like 6 seasons ago. Been wearing medium like a sad dad that don’t know when to let go his varsity gear lol

  3. 33 minutes ago, Grave said:

    Curious, does your DS still bead when cared for that way? 

    Yep. It’ll definitely bead more persistently with a fresh DWR application. Repetitive washes will diminish that obvs. But the quick drying characteristics are entirely fabric dependent and performance is unaffected, wash temp/dry temp or otherwise ime. 

  4. On 9/4/2021 at 2:01 PM, Grave said:


    Anyway, I wanna settle this once and for all. I know people tumble dry their acrnm DS pants despite the care tag explicitly stating not to. For those that do, does it cause any issues?

    Moved pretty far from my usual dry cleaner, so I'm considering other options.

    The first time I mistakenly left my P10DS in with the rest of my plebe clothes and subjected it the standard warm wash and mid temp tumbledry, and wore them with zero side effects, I realized that I’d be ignoring that care tag for the most part. And have for the last 4 years with all my other DS items lol. So yeah. I’ve washed all of my DS cold/warm and tumbled dry with zero ill effects. 

  5. 16 hours ago, Joshua James Barry said:

    Anyone on this forum turned non binary or trans recently and gonna cop this tripe?

    Do us all a favor and fuck right off already

  6. Interesting. I’ve only owned(own) an S15 previous to the S24 and I’d presumed the 15 and 19 were more similar in fit. The 15 is much more fitted overall and has more complex shoulder patterning than the 24, and is slightly longer in the hem but shorter in the sleeve, all of which I preferred over the super boxy 24. Might need to track down a 19 now to see if it fills the gap between the two. 

  7. 4 hours ago, jeddyhsu said:

    Women's collection looks impeccable! First ACR dress and crop-top?

    It’s less ACR and more Chitose Abe playing with their forms and structures imo

  8. 13 minutes ago, kkuer99 said:

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if Highsnobiety will have bag&sheet with the item.  Anyone purchased from them before? Appreciate! 

    Bag and spec are highly overrated, but I get that you’d want that for the full package. You can resell if you’re not happy with purchase without the spec and sheet easily nowadays imo. Best bet is to email them and see what the deal is

  9. Garuda feels like one of those brands that’s a bit known but maybe not known but maybe it is but maybe not… 

    I’ve been wearing a custom pair of one of their current designs the ‘Work Pant’ for about a month now  

    Dry Skin fabric. Doubled up at the knees and seat(generous coverage in that regard). Articulation is equal parts practical and artistic due to the application of proper drape and obvious understanding of the fabric and how it works with the body. The waist has very comfy elasticated panels on either side of the hip bone area. The cuffs are outfitted with bdu style ties for adjustment, which are my only real gripe. They’re a bit finicky to adjust, but give a lot of options for stacking or whatever it’s called now lol.  

    I requested no rear pockets, because I’m spoiled by phone/deepockets, and I prefer the cleaner lines without. I also asked for a hidden outseam pocket on the left leg. In hindsight- I wish I’d asked for it on both legs. It’s implemented so well that it’s almost invisible when not in use. But when in use it’s still barely visible when packed full of shit. The pics below include a pocket stuff of that hidden seam cargo with whatever iteration of Acronym wool cap I currently own, a low profile wallet, and a Leatherman because fuck it. 

    in summation: Garuda kicks ass











  10. 7 hours ago, Ayayron said:

    This forum so toxic yall always gotta have something negative to say when someone decides to create content to discuss the brand lmao




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