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  1. Pardon the x-post but I'm lookin for an LC on these Bamboo Prestos:
  2. Anyone got advise on LC'ing these Bamboo Prestos? I'm not very good with this. What do you guys think:
  3. Harsh! Between my 4 pairs of S garments, and 2 pairs of E's the DS has far and away had the worst problems with resiliency. To be completely honest I am very rough on my gear as I work a fairly physically demanding job. Respectfully, I really doubt the majority folks here do anything other than sit behind a desk, but I would LOVE to be wrong.
  4. In my experience, yes, it is less resilient.
  5. Does anyone have experience with repairing holes in DS fabric? My P10TS-DS just got a BB sized hole near the pocket. It's nothing significant, but I want to hop on it before it gets worse. Someone suggested reweaving, which I have no experience with, but I'm totally open to suggestions.
  6. Still looking to do a swap: my Sm Olive Prestos for your Sm Bamboo Prestos. HMU. Can add cash depending on condition. Edit: Also still looking for Stone Island Hidden Reflective Vest in Black M
  7. I'm actually having this exact problem with my J28-E. It's still at the tailor, but the basic plan was undo some hemming and patch it from the inside with some similar fabric. For the smaller holes I'm just having them sewn closed. I probably won't have it back for some time as it's too hot and I was in no hurry, but I'll try to post some photos when it gets back. I'll wear that thing till it falls apart. Holes and all.
  8. I don't think any amount of normal Stotz shrinkage would have helped. @hoju is right. They were enormous.
  9. Still WTB Stone Island Hidden Reflective vest in M.
  10. As a size 32 who pretty much exclusively wears ACR in M, the P24's were too big for my taste. I should have gone for an S.
  11. Some front-zip SFB's popped up on eBay. I never see them, so I'd buy these in a heartbeat but they're just too big.
  12. Looking to trade my Olive Prestos for Bamboo. Size small. Can add cash depending on condition.
  13. Shoutout to @hooper for being an good buyer with a swift payment. Hope those P24's work out well.
  14. Still looking to buy Mission Workshop Stahl or Loch in size 32 - Black. Also WTB Stone Island Hidden Reflective Vest in Medium HMU