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  1. Still selling Black P24-S's in Medium. At cost.
  2. Time Left: 11 months and 26 days

    • FOR SALE
    • MINT

    Black P24-S in Medium. Brand new with bags, tags, and spec sheet. Selling *at cost.*


  3. Yeesh. Maybe I'm alone here but that thing looks hideous. To each their own I suppose.
  4. FS Med P24-S in Black. Selling at cost & shipping. Also open to trades for P24-S or P24A-S in small. Includes bag, tags, and spec sheet.
  5. Something about P23's in DS feels off to me. The cut is already enormously forgiving. I just don't see the need for stretch.
  6. Shoutout to @chaosen for the dope GG hat. Many thanks for a clean transaction.
  7. WTT Black P24-S in Med for a Black P24-S in Small Bag Tags and Spec Sheet HMU
  8. I didn't even try tbh as I've already gotten my share. There was an M, L, and an XL available. M is gone now.
  9. You are wrong. It's absolutely up--I'm staring right at it.
  10. Anybody got any leads on cool black caps? I drunkenly lost my Fair Ends Sneaky Tech Cap and while I liked it I'm hoping for something a little...sneakier?
  11. WTB Black Mission Workshop shorts - Sz 32 Open to alternatives as well. Need some decent shorts for this SS. Hoping to hem them to 7" or 8".
  12. I'm sure going to be in the minority here, and this is no slight on eske, but the sling hook clips feel really contrived on footwear. Much respect either way for the innovative and different approach.
  13. WTB Stone Island Hidden Reflective Vest - Medium
  14. I think those images were uploaded in reverse. Indeed the gravity pocket image is the genuine jacket.