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  1. Anybody got any leads on cool black caps? I drunkenly lost my Fair Ends Sneaky Tech Cap and while I liked it I'm hoping for something a little...sneakier?
  2. WTB Black Mission Workshop shorts - Sz 32 Open to alternatives as well. Need some decent shorts for this SS. Hoping to hem them to 7" or 8".
  3. I'm sure going to be in the minority here, and this is no slight on eske, but the sling hook clips feel really contrived on footwear. Much respect either way for the innovative and different approach.
  4. WTB Stone Island Hidden Reflective Vest - Medium
  5. I think those images were uploaded in reverse. Indeed the gravity pocket image is the genuine jacket.
  6. All due respect man but that J58 is too small on you. It's pulling everywhere.
  7. Speaking of. Who here was on the MTA wearing olive P9's while I was in my P23's? "I like your pants." "Thanks bro."
  8. I know this has already been talked about but I would like to echo my disappointment with construction and quality control on the P23's. I must have had at least four or five holes in the elastic cuffs when I took them to the tailor to be reinforced. If it happens again I will likely have them replaced with ankle zips from another pair of base-layers. That said, I'm still madly in love with them. They grew on me quickly.
  9. Selling a size Medium J43-GT Also still looking to trade my Medium FW 16/17 P23TS-S in Raf for a size small.
  10. WTT my Medium P23TS-S in Raf for a Small. PST
  11. Looking for a Medium J51-WS if anyone has theirs lying around.
  12. Couple items up for sale on my page: Nike Olive Tech Fleece in Small Small J1B-S in Raf Green
  13. Price drop on J1B-S. Small in Raf Green. $1050 with bags, tags, box, and spec sheet.
  14. WD40 is designed to permeate the even smallest of crevices and could very easily bleed into the fabric. Anyone considering this advice should use caution.