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  1. New ACG poncho/apron?
  2. Yeah it's the Allterrain line. Their Porter bags are pretty fantastic as well, fabric feels like a pillow.
  3. It was more of a statement and less of a prescription. Acronym trousers, particularly the P10s, are cut in a very specific way that allows for it to fit a certain way on your body. You will run the risk of messing with how the pants fit if you take it to a less-than-capable tailor.
  4. Sure you can, but why risk it when you can just wear a belt?
  5. I believe so, since the guys told me that they just wanna test out the fabric on the market and see how people respond to it. That was pretty much the goal of the Berlin event. If people respond well to the two pieces, I'm sure they'll do bigger productions of it.
  6. FYI for pricing:
  7. Anyone else in Berlin for the event tomorrow?
  8. My bad! I see that now.
  9. J47R-GT is very similar to the original J47-GT except for several differences. The original YKK zip has been swapped out for the new Raccagni zip, which doesn't have the Quick Release function. Finally, reverse seam allowance is basically their new way of constructing the jacket with the fabric folded into the seams, which supposedly makes the overall jacket more durable. Oh, and there's a second CF closure in the middle of the jacket. The J47-GT only had one CF closure nearer to the neck.
  10. I beg to differ:
  11. Looks like either a 5TS-BLK or 6TS-FOIL to me.
  12. Bummer, what don't you like about the J47R?
  13. You can check out Surrender, although they don't really stock any 'techwear' brands per se.
  14. A lil off topic, but you guys do realise you can quote multiple posts in one reply, rather than making separate replies right?