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  1. IC: SS17 P25-DS in Medium Willing to listen to any interesting offers, clothing or cash.
  2. Been using Granger's religiously on my GT, CH and DS bits. I'd recommend their spray for the Stotz though.
  3. WTB: P16A-S or -CH black in size large Got a P16A-S black M to trade or maybe sell. Tried on once. Also WTB: P24A-DS M DS-HD2 M DS-J5 M
  4. WTB: 3A-MP2TS black (as a pair or triplet) 3A-MZ2TS DS-HD2 size M P24A-DS size M I'll cash you out for next season.
  5. Go for a size S, unless your height dictates that you size up.
  6. WTB: DS-HD2 size M DS-J5 size M, either colour P24A-DS size M 3A-5TS (All except Laminat. Will consider L2 version) 3A-6TS
  7. Would be fantastic if transactions that occurred within private messaging could also be given feedback on.
  8. You've probably already seen this. @originalprogram
  9. If you don't mind me asking, why not try and create something new? It's easy to go and copy something existing, but I think it's much more fulfilling and rewarding when you've created something unique that you can truly call your own.
  10. Haha dang, gotta pick up a pair for myself for the summer weather.
  11. Still available! Sold!
  12. Here's some Schoeller ecorepel trousers by onu.is and some in Dryskin by a brand called Greenlite.
  13. WTS: P24A-S size small RAF Green Sold!
  14. SS17 ACG
  15. Seriously? You felt the need to bump your post even though it's still on the same page on the thread?