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  1. Shout out to @jishin and @Wklcarl. Great, honest sellers. Fast shipping and quick to respond.
  2. Sites like this are either a scam or a sample product page with no inventory.
  3. PSA: this and this are fake. be careful
  4. S/O to @Wklcarl for a dope jacket at an amazing price! excellent communication and extremely fast shipping! don't hesitate to buy/sell/trade with him!
  5. .
  6. re prestos, heard it's bc most of them are fakes or straight scams
  7. WTB: J61-WS M
  8. ^ don't matter, it's way cheaper on resell
  9. .
  10. real question is what kinda job lets you look so fly on a Thursday?
  11. [deleted]
  12. @yankees19032002 is a good guy. only one who gave us all that ss17 info/pics when he didn't have to. but $1500 for P25s is .