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  1. offer 2700 and someone might respond. it's crazy hype
  2. you are weird AF
  3. .
  4. you're so annoying
  5. ? is what I said not true?
  6. sry i meant in-demand items
  7. lol easiest way to cop acr is from the source. shit sells out in secs at stockists.
  8. if you guys have these, make sure to charge him @acrhive prices
  9. what makes this brand so addictive is the hunt. if acrnm was like uniqlo, i doubt everyone have feels like this. gotta take the good with the bad
  10. conspiracy or coincidence....this guy posted a bunch of brand new items a few days ago, a few of which dropped today in the restock. possibly a traitor in the group hmmmm..
  11. awfully quiet on here after the crazy restock..
  12. you big MFers better get ya checkbooks ready for this!
  13. Thanks Flip!
  14. anyone know where I can cop these J28-looking mods? or are they custom? thx
  15. dam son..which one of y'all ballerz copped this?