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  1. I have not even finished reading this entire thread yet, but I just want to say it  has made me feel inadequate in every conceivable way. Well done. Those engineers are absolutely breathtaking. 

  2. Picked up the 19oz lefty trucker for 250 from IH new clearance site. Can't wait til it starts cooling off in a few months (5 is "a few", right? :)) so I can really start breaking it in.





  3. Welp, here they are: My 60's in all their glory- kinda hard to tell here, but there is a LOT of "extra" denim here. :D

    Just put them through a warm spin cycle and they are now drying in the generous dose of California sun we've got today. The waist was perfect, maybe even a little tight before I washed them, so I wriggled into them before I hung them out to dry, and stuck my forearm in the waistband lengthwise for some extra stretch. Wish me luck!











  4. 13 hours ago, volvo240thebest said:

    Tcb 50s in heavy dad action

    First read that as "heavy dad auction" and was very confused. 

    Looking well, as always!

  5. 12 hours ago, volvo240thebest said:

    ^ @marcusV2 the measurement I wrote are post wash and after a few hours of wear. I just measured them again today after reading Ed's post, none of the jeans has been washed and stored away, they've all been worn since the last wash.

    I appreciate your help, Volvo! Since you played devil's advocate so well, I took the plunge -- I'll check back in in 10-12 days! Thanks, again!

  6. 6 hours ago, edmond said:

    Oh my 36 shrank to a 34 


    1 hour ago, volvo240thebest said:

    @edmond I have three pairs of W36 60s and none of them shrank that much, Did you boil them in a kettle or what?

    They all measure between 92.5 and 93 cm BIG. TCB chart says 93. Waist aligned and measured x2, this is TCB method to measure waist. I've never used a dryer.

    I suggest to rely on TCB online shop chart, it's good and it's after shrinkage. A minimum variation on measurements has to be considered because the fabric is weaved on very old looms, so weave irregularity can make a difference, but that's pretty normal for all the jeans discussed in this forum. @marcusV2 dunno where you saw raw measurements, but they can be misleading.

    The waist measurement on the 60s is slightly north of TTS, because the jeans are meant to sit on the hips rather than on the waist. Pay attention to the thigh, that's the key measurement.

    Interesting... Sounds like I'm getting conflicting info. The raw measurements came from the Great Southern Denim Co site. Emailed them last night before bed and woke to their response: 

    about 1.5-2” is about normal with these. The fabric is fairly forgiving so they’ll stretch with wear also, so if they’re tight post wash you won’t have any issues.
    Good call about the thigh, though. Ordering these would be a huge gamble, but that price. Argh. 
    Thanks for the input, gents.

  7. 11 hours ago, volvo240thebest said:

    Check out measurements thoroughly, and if needed size up. Base your extimate on post wash measurements, the shrink on the 60s is minimal but they won't stretch much back.

    The thigh is the key measurement for the 60s, they measure it on left thigh (from wearer pov) from crotch seam across the leg. If you can handle the thigh and if you're familiar with wearing mid-low rise jeans you'll be grand.

    The GSD measurements section says to allow 2" on those 60's - is that right? the 29s will shrink down to 27? :unsure: Can't be...

  8. 8 hours ago, Foxy2 said:

    ...them will stand no chance!

    Baseball Furies, VC Rangers, the Orphans -- Bring 'em all on! 

    *Last of an Ancient Breed plays*

  9. Also picked up the appaloosa yesterday! Been an exciting couple days for me! 

    Very stiff, but softening up nicely- can't wait to watch this baby age. I plan on getting a lot of mileage out of this thing over the summer. 



    Probably how I'll be wearing this during the warmer months:



    And from last night with SC2014 and 70s Chucks:


  10. Thanks for the advice regarding ordering from Denimio. Completely painless, so far, and shipping was crazy fast, including a shipping exception. We'll see about the return :D


    Been wanting a duck vest for a while, and I figured this was the one. I like the fit. Pretty versatile- fits underneath roomy shirts but also over them if they're light enough. Still figuring out exactly how to wear it, and with what, but it's a keeper. oUF6eLF.jpg



  11. Question regarding ordering from Denimio: am I doing something bad/unscrupulous/unethical or otherwise stupid or inefficient by ordering the same item in a couple different sizes, then returning one?

    I chatted with the (very persistent!) person who monitors the chat feature and got some prices on the return freight, which seems reasonable, but it has been a long time since I ordered anything from outside the US, and am curious if I'm going to incur any fees/penalties/taxes I'm possibly overlooking. 

    Thanks, gents-

  12. 22 hours ago, dwilson123 said:

    Have you washed the sweat yet?  Size small TSG sweats are absolutely tiny and you don't look like that small of a guy.

    Indeed I have, shortly after taking (but not posting) these pics. It's pretty small, but I prefer my stuff to be slightly small than slightly big. I tried the M on in store and there was no way I could have made it work even with max shrinkage. This is what it looks like as of today: 


    And thanks for saying so, (?) but I am that small of a guy. XS shirts. 29-30 denim. 8US boot, etc. ;)

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