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  1. Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    Hi, gents. Spent some time strolling around Old Town Pasadena yesterday with the woman- Old Focals custom Vintage army surplus American Apparel T Sugar Cane Oki's CT70's
  2. What are your favorite jeans?

    And someone in THAT thread is saying the same thing @Maynard Friedman At least that's what I think he means.
  3. WAYWT (denim version) 2017

    Ever since I watched In Cold Blood I've been prone to wearing this chambray half-buttoned like Robert Blake TCB 50s Jk Buzz Rickson's chambray Studio D1714 RW 8271
  4. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Thank you- was able to pop into LA and grab that Cody shirt before starting work yesterday. Cheers!
  5. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    @kiya Just making sure- The store doesn't actually open at 9AM, the online sale begins then, correct? Thanks!
  6. Japan Trip

    I have not even finished reading this entire thread yet, but I just want to say it has made me feel inadequate in every conceivable way. Well done. Those engineers are absolutely breathtaking.
  7. Iron Heart Jeans

    Picked up the 19oz lefty trucker for 250 from IH new clearance site. Can't wait til it starts cooling off in a few months (5 is "a few", right? ) so I can really start breaking it in.
  8. TCB

    Glad they made it! @nycsurfer530 The softness is out of control- These things feel like dang pajama pants. I've only worn them one day!
  9. TCB

    Thanks, Volvo! To quote one of my favorite commercials from the 80's; "I learned it by watching you!"
  10. TCB

    I feel ya. I ordered these on Friday night, the 26th. Got them today, exactly 11 days later. @nycsurfer530
  11. TCB

    Welp, here they are: My 60's in all their glory- kinda hard to tell here, but there is a LOT of "extra" denim here. Just put them through a warm spin cycle and they are now drying in the generous dose of California sun we've got today. The waist was perfect, maybe even a little tight before I washed them, so I wriggled into them before I hung them out to dry, and stuck my forearm in the waistband lengthwise for some extra stretch. Wish me luck!
  12. TCB

    First read that as "heavy dad auction" and was very confused. Looking well, as always!
  13. TCB

    I appreciate your help, Volvo! Since you played devil's advocate so well, I took the plunge -- I'll check back in in 10-12 days! Thanks, again!
  14. TCB

    Interesting... Sounds like I'm getting conflicting info. The raw measurements came from the Great Southern Denim Co site. Emailed them last night before bed and woke to their response: about 1.5-2” is about normal with these. The fabric is fairly forgiving so they’ll stretch with wear also, so if they’re tight post wash you won’t have any issues. Good call about the thigh, though. Ordering these would be a huge gamble, but that price. Argh. Thanks for the input, gents.
  15. TCB

    The GSD measurements section says to allow 2" on those 60's - is that right? the 29s will shrink down to 27? Can't be...