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  1. railcar fine goods

    @Taylor_RFG Does the 23oz tend to have less stretch/shrink?
  2. railcar fine goods

    @Taylor_RFG I thought I remembered seeing a post awhile back about making some knits? Is that still happening?
  3. railcar fine goods

  4. railcar fine goods

    @Taylor_RFG Congrats on the new site the images look killer. Quick question on the size charts. Is there a plan to add the back rise to the charts as well?
  5. railcar fine goods

    @Taylor_RFG do you know which retailers will be getting pairs for this?
  6. railcar fine goods

    Looks like they started to post the measurements of the updated Journeyman. They were not kidding about really straightening out the cut from the knee down.
  7. railcar fine goods

    Make sure and update us if you do!
  8. railcar fine goods

    Check out this post on reddit apparently they are getting close