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  1. Those are the people who found Slayer from Guitar Hero. 


    But I find Toms "softer" vocals on South of Heaven and even Seasons of the Abyss, along with Show No Mercy to be their best work by far.


    (Not sure why it's typing in italics...)


    Mega, I am sure you have but if not check out early Testament, The Legacy, New World Order (outstanding album), Practice What You Preach, and Souls of Black. First two are legendary thrash.

  2. Hey Brad, listening to Sabbath exclusively is no bad thing mate. Hopefully they'll swing by your way for next years final tour. I'm banking on them closing in Birmingham. I'm not convinced it will be the end proper, it'll just be the end until they reform again!

    Know what you mean about the last OG album - I like Heavy Lies the Crown & The Devils Whip (blatant Motörhead influence) but it's not like the old desert / stoner rock sounding stuff.

    At the moment I'm listening to a lot of Midnight, Satan's Satyrs & Asomvel. Asomvel are basically a poor man's Motörhead from the North of England - just my style!!

    Definitely don't hear me complaining that's for sure. Seen them last year on their tour and it was amazing, they will be here sometime February and there's no way I'll miss it.

    Time travelling blues, frequencies from planet ten were awesome. Really liked theiving from the house of God. But I can understand why they have changed a wee bit.

    Excellent, going to check those out. Appreciate it.

  3. This is interesting around not being so excited by denim these days.

    I'm pretty much the opposite. I got into it as a youngster when I had a bit more disposable income and copped a few pieces which are now hard to come by (result!). But then normal life got in the way of my obsession so I had less time to spend perusing the webs and spent more time on my career, chicks, drinking, music, etc. Those combined with a few pretty shitty life events just meant I didn't have time to obsess. I spent a few years wearing LVC as it was easily accessible and pretty much ignored what was happening further afield. Now life has calmed down a lot and I can spend time & energy on looking for denim, and I'm loving it!

    I also think technology has helped alot. It used to be that if I wanted to do some denim research I'd have to fire up a laptop or even worse, a PC. Now I can just peruse on my phone.

    Anyway, apologies for the mini-autobiography - just my two cents.

    Edit: on music - going to see Orange Goblin tomorrow night. Cannot bloody wait - if you haven't seen them YouTube a live performance - fucking nutters!

    Man, you are always seeing the band's I want to see... Need Orange Goblin to do another NA tour. But I wasn't really to find of their newer album, just didn't sound like the Orange Goblin I knew when I was younger

    But on a music tangent I have pretty much been listening to early Black Sabbath exclusively for the last year or so.

    So Billy reccomend some stuff that I should check out.

  4. i cant drink IPA's anymore, mostly because of the uber alcohol and the hops sledgehammer that gets shoved down your throat. When they leave an after taste of a skunk in your mouth, there's too much hops.

    Only beer I really drink at the moment. Alcohol content doesn't really worry me to much, but a nice 70-80 ibu is perfect. Really just like something strong, so my tastes might change to stouts when I can find a good one.

  5. I was going to add something to China, as in not ever Chinese company does that, Red Cloud, and SZ are obviously not included in that list. But I was making a statement regarding any reproduction that goes on in China, whether it be from Bob Dong, to the millions of people making counterfeit items. 

  6. Yeah if that was post I would say it's fine, but for me they would be to tight. My first pair of 710 fit like that pre and took so long to stretch thighs out and wasnt comfortable at all

  7. I think mine might look like the third one fairly soon. Having no problem fading it. Was going to do a wash every three months but it will be pretty contrasty if I do that. Will post some photos up on weekend, didn't get a chance to take post wash photos

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