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  1. i think it would be really cool if there were like two other people on this thread with +250 posts or something...........

    Doesn't mean some of the people with less posts don't know anything. But by the way thees n00bs are posting, I would have to agree with you.

  2. I wanna get another pair of APC's. My new Ps feel too low of a rise and kind startin to get loose after the 2 months thinking of selling. So im thinking of getting another pair of New Standards and maybe go to a size 28. Im normally a 32. My 30's that i have are pretty baggy now but i like everything else about them. Could I size down that much or will i just get a major crotch rip.I know them stretch a lot but not know if that is just crazy to go down that much?

    I'm 511' 165 pounds size 32 regularly

    NS size 30 5 months




    PS size 30 2 months


    I like the look of the thighs on my Ps but want a higher rise, what should i do?

    Do you do any activities? They show no wear AT all. My PS at 3 months look 3x more used then yours!

  3. My PS are a size 29, and they got so baggy. My upper legs are like parachute pants, and my lower legs fit just fine! But also the waist stretched out to probably about a 31, so I need to wear a belt. Even with a belt they slide down past my sagging point. What would you recommend for a new pair, NC or NS? I want a slim fit all around, but no ball crushing!!! Or should I try a 28 PS?

  4. Thats good job man. I wear mine for school, they're only 3 months into, but nothing extreme. I guess my drunken adventures aren't as physical as yours lol.

  5. Yea I know a.p.c.'s stretch a lot, every raw denim does. If I sized down one more it would've been way to tight for me. I'm actually a size 30.5 in waist and I got a size 28.

    Those pictures do no justice than. Looks like you could grab a handful of denim. It's obviously going to be tight on waist, but way to baggy the rest of the way. Unless you are going for the baggy look. But IMHO they are 1 size to big.

    Those look Alex, you wear those everyday?

  6. Well those are going to stretch out more. They are already baggy to, so what are they going to look like in 2 months? I regret not sizing down 3, my PS stretched out to much.

  7. Whats up sufu..

    Went to NY the other week and I bought myself some NS at the a.p.c. store and just wanted to post some fit pics.



    For the people who wants to know I sized down two

    Could have sized down 3.

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