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  1. Anyone know the name of the video, or have a link to it of Yoshiaki sewing up a pair of pants in a 20min video. He hops around from building to building as well, having the hardest time finding it.

  2. Difference between sxx and xx ed? Is it stitched arc and not? Looking at the 1001sxx I believe.


    Also how have you guys found the shrinkage with the shirts? I have the ringer and haven't found much but heard others have found quite a bit in theirs. Want to pick up the 3/4 raglan, but don't want to be left with a belly shirt after a wash.

  3. 18 hours ago, Foxy2 said:

    Sorry to disappoint - didn't get get one way back then, but if I would have I'd be happy to with for you.

    Damn, totally thought I remember you having one... All hope is lost now.

  4. Went to Dayton today to pick up my boots, and was greeted with some of the worst and most ill informed customer service I've had in a long time. I spent a good 10 minutes explaining to the two ladies who were in there that I dropped my boots off, that weren't dayton, to get resoled. They tried convincing me my boots weren't even at the shop and they wouldn't have taken them in the first place. They apparently stopped accepting resoles for non dayton boots over a year ago, even though I have had mine down there three times. After practically arguing with them, one being the owner, they miraculously found them. When they brought them out they looked like this, after 3 months ( - 3 weeks off for xmas). I was pretty shocked, especially when they told me that it would cost me $115 to walk out of the store with them, looking like this. They told me that they also changed the pricing and adding a new mid sole would be $50, even though that wasn't on my bill, and a policy they put in place after I dropped the boots off. The two women were having an incredibly hard time understanding why I was upset, and were getting frustrated with me. I almost blew a gasket, and the owner just got fed up, from her own stupidity I'm assuming, so she let me take them home. So after 3 months I'm left with less boot than I had before.

    Steer clear of Dayton, it's not a family run business anymore and the people running it are morons, minus the the one dude who may be a co owner.

    I also was talking with Whites, and they told me if the welt was messed around with too much, they might require a complete rebuild. Anyone able to tell me from these pictures if they did or not?

    Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 5.38.21 PM.png

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