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  1. Damn, wish CAD didn't suck I would love to cop this. Tried it on when I was in Seattle and it was a beaut, couldn't believe how stiff it was. If it were mine I'd soften it up a bit before I waxed. But sweet pick uo

  2. Sorry to not be providing much, haven't had much time in them since I got back. Have been sick, and was wearing my carhartts for work most of this week.


    Went and seen the new Tarantino movie, Hateful Eight. A local theatre was one of two or three in Canada that had it on 70 mm, which isn't that big of a deal to me but just thought it would be cool to go and see it They used the same cameras that were used on the Ben Hurr movie in 1959. Movie was decent, but I would be surprised if I watched it again to be honest.




    Then last Friday I went to my favorite place in the city, the Rio Theatre and caught the late showing of Pulp Fiction. Obviously was to young when it first came out to either enjoy it, or even see it, so to see it in theatres was really awesome. Really adds another element to the movie. It really is a great theatre, they play a lot of old classic movies or independent movies. 



    Haven't really ate anything noteworthy lately only thing I didn't take a picture is was our sushi, but thats multiple times a week so will post it up at some point.


    Volvo, does this look familiar, if so what's your thoughts? So far that is the best spaghetti I have had, but I am no expert.



    Next is a plate from my favorite restaurant in the city, Canibal Cafe. Plate of fries, two 3oz patties, cheese, and their special sauce which is a sweet mayo or something.




    Picture from this morning while taking dogs to park




  3. Unfortunately, my office uses "jeans days" as an incentive during United Way giving time, or when there is a reason to celebrate. "Buy up to 8 JEANS DAYS for $10/per, and be entered into a drawing for great prizes, including ADDITIONAL JEANS DAYS!" "Let's celebrate the kick-off to another successful season of Cardinals baseball by wearing your favorite red shirt and JEANS!!! (Make sure you have your manager's approval first.)"

    People (especially the ladies) lose their fucking minds over the chance to put on their too-tight Old Navys. "Don't forget to wear jeans tomorrow!" text messages at night are pretty normal. The intense heartbreak you witness when someone rolls in with their power suit, only to realize that they forgot to wear their jeans. Be ready to spend all morning responding to "OMG, that sucks that you forget your jeans. Maybe you can run back home???" "There's a Macy's close by, and I think they're having a one-day sale." "I might have another pair in my car, but I think their missing a button."

    Anyway, jeans have become a more evident motivator than merit raises. So, I'm pretty confident they won't be allowing a free-for-all anytime soon. My 401k is decent though, so there's that...

    Holy shit, that was painful to imagine. Sounds like a modern day plot of office space.

  4. I am happy there are still guys, and hope there always will be, that pay EUR 250 (and more) for an imported jeans... Would lose the best job in the world if that would start to change!

    And just my 2 cents regarding the Snake Oil Provision Video. As someone who's actually working retail I tend to agree with everything Ben said, except the thing with APC etc. If someone enters our store and starts to ask me about ONI I would literally jump on that opportunity to talk about that brand.... That attitude might change a bit if it's about Pike Brothers.... As I am no fan ....

    Anyways, the guy tries to create rules for a space of mutual respect, and the amount of disrespect for him shown in the last pages was pretty weak as the guy couldn't even defend his position himself. Pretty weak for our SuFu crowd.

    edit: happy new year btw

    Do you want me to email him a link to this thread so he can respond?

    Also regarding price, $250 is my limit unless it's something really special, but that price tag isn't easy right now with our dollar. The exchange rate is almost a pair of sc1947.

    But do want to show respect for s&s, after I posted about that he sent me a message saying he would knock some off the price if it would help me to get a pair. Thought that was pretty awesome, but still just isn't right time.

    (I am not advocating to message him for a discount as that was something he generously offered)

  5. .

    I've had the Packer, SJ, & SD. SmokeJumpers usually come with unstructured/soft toes. From experience, SD last is a tad longer than the SJ ... i.e., based on actual inside measurements I got on mine.

    BH is SD standard last__ so, if you factor in [for sizing consideration] the extra toe room from a higher profiled steel toes [versus SJ soft toes] + the inside length difference between SD vs SJ, it adds up. You side by side photo says it all.

    As for the Cuban, that's why it's called "standard". These boots were originally designed for work on standard heels, if you opted on steel toes__ the specs default to [work] standard ... Just logical deduction ... don't know shit about the tech/science aspect of it ;)

    They're going back to Kyle to see if they're lasted properly which I can almost guarantee they are. But I do agree with you with the interior measurements being a bit longer.

    Not sure what you mean about the Cuban heel. But for me it just seems to not be as stable as a block heel, but haven't gotten to work in the Cuban to compare.

  6. Didn't have my phone with me all the time so didn't get to snap too many pictures, but had a good time going back home and seeing the family again. Hadn't seen my gf's side of the family for over a year so was nice catching up. Pretty much took it easy during our trip, minus a day spent boxing day shopping.


    Cheated on the tour jeans as I didn't want to get them soaked snowmobiling/tobogganing





    Had to stop into my favorite local shop NAQP, only stock North American made products, but have some really cool smaller brands I wouldn't have found out about other wise.



    Also three musts when I go back to Calgary, stop in at Phil and Sebastians (Calgarys best coffee shop), Big Cheese (amazing poutine shop where I had to get the Mac and Cheese poutine), and Chicken on the Way (a classic fried chicken joint).





  7. Stoked on this and can't wait to see what denim is being used. With ahos plan of only doing this if we can get something worthwhile, I know this will be sweet. Also, knowing ooe it will be enough time for me to get some finances in order.

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