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  1. Really hope I just had a new person stitching these boots up, and it's not things to come with Whites, but my current ones are hanging on, barely, till my new ones arrive. But wonder how this happened, poor work? Bad QC? Or me not getting a resole and wearing down the stitching? 



  2. Switching to carharts after the world tour, so I don't need to worry about something that will withstand heavy wear.

    But this would just give me a great excuse to cop a pair of jeans from a brand I have listed over for a few years

  3. I have had to replace the buttons at least half a dozen times since they're hand sewn and come off extremely easily, need to find some real buttons to snap on. The ow denim leaves a lot to desire, and just doesn't work well with Tianjin wear them, like that crisp feeling, that fades into a nice soft denim. Stitching down the outseam is starting to pull apart. Also the pocket bag material is a heavy canvas, and the Seam at the bottom is super chunky and leaves a weird fade on the leg

  4. decided to step my boot game up and placed an order for these less than a month ago. can't wait to put them to work.

    white's bounty hunter from baker's

    distressed smooth leather

    antique garments

    vibram 700 sole, natural midsole


    And you already received them.. shit. Going on 9 weeks for me, hoping to go's I get them soon as the stitching on the sole has come off and missile and sole starting to seperate.

    But those look ducking sweet, was heavily considering the distressted smooth

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