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  1. 9 hours ago, mlwdp said:

    Please post your experience in the Shoes that look better with age thread in case there are some Dayton wearers.  Glad I skipped them.

    I didn't see it on the first page, so just went here but I will later.


    34 minutes ago, Cold Summer said:

    Good lord,  that's awful. They should be ashamed.

    When I talked with someone at Whites they were amazed at what happened...

  2. Went to Dayton today to pick up my boots, and was greeted with some of the worst and most ill informed customer service I've had in a long time. I spent a good 10 minutes explaining to the two ladies who were in there that I dropped my boots off, that weren't dayton, to get resoled. They tried convincing me my boots weren't even at the shop and they wouldn't have taken them in the first place. They apparently stopped accepting resoles for non dayton boots over a year ago, even though I have had mine down there three times. After practically arguing with them, one being the owner, they miraculously found them. When they brought them out they looked like this, after 3 months ( - 3 weeks off for xmas). I was pretty shocked, especially when they told me that it would cost me $115 to walk out of the store with them, looking like this. They told me that they also changed the pricing and adding a new mid sole would be $50, even though that wasn't on my bill, and a policy they put in place after I dropped the boots off. The two women were having an incredibly hard time understanding why I was upset, and were getting frustrated with me. I almost blew a gasket, and the owner just got fed up, from her own stupidity I'm assuming, so she let me take them home. So after 3 months I'm left with less boot than I had before.

    Steer clear of Dayton, it's not a family run business anymore and the people running it are morons, minus the the one dude who may be a co owner.

    I also was talking with Whites, and they told me if the welt was messed around with too much, they might require a complete rebuild. Anyone able to tell me from these pictures if they did or not?

    Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 5.38.21 PM.png

  3. is this the same jacket that Bradl faded to perfection?

    Anyhoo great choice, sooner or later I'll treat myself with a type i and this in on the top of the list.

    Might be the same denim, but I have the 2000 (type 2)

  4. Ahh yeah, was searching lot 105 and wasn't getting much. How does the sleeve length feel for that size. Comparing it with a few shirts it's quite a bit longer, does it shrink up much?

  5. Hmmm I remember it didn't work the greatest for me when it first came out, but wanted to check to see if it suits me now. The high lower button wouldn't bother me as I tuck all my shirts for work, my main concern is having good range of motion. But judging by your pictures a 42 should work fairly decent.

  6. That's exactly what I was looking for, what size did you go for and what's the measurements for it?


    What happened to the Real McCoys NYC location? There stock is nill, so not sure how I'd even go about picking that up if anyone still has it.

  7. Maynard/brad, any reason to not go for the FH?

    TFH is considerably more than most, coming in near $350 cad buying from Japan. 


    I've been considering this one from FC for awhile.


    Also, not sure if it appeals to either of you guys, but I like the modern western from Freenote as well.


    Those pockets look like I could carry an ipad around in them, and thinking something raw.


    @maynard mind linking me the one you picked up, and how are you liking it?

  8. Does anyone know where I could still get a western denim shirt like these (that's the FH 7005 and WH3001)? I don't like the style with a fancy shoulder yoke.

    I know TCB offer a similar style but does anyone else?



    Bumping this q. Not really interested in Bob Dong or Bronson, and want to see if there's more out there other than that LVC one.

  9. Brad, don't tell me you've got rid of your beard? Bad times.


    Fuck no. Just got back from getting it tidied up actually. Plus I don't have any jawnz that aren't falling apart.

    That's Karl from RGT wearing that.

  10. Don't retire it! Stitch up the hole on the arm and wear it another five years. It's too good to be retired.

    Can't, I donated it to RGT to display. I haven't worn in much at all in last two or so years. I may get the new rancher shirt or whatever it is though.

  11. Thanks for posting setterman. Weather is turning quickly so the jacket won't be getting much wear going forward.

    Think that it is coming up on 8 months of wear in that picture with about 7-10 washes, really don't keep track. But I think it's turned out pretty good.

  12. Can anyone help with the sizing on the D1672 WWI Jean? My true waist is 36" and they seem to be OW. Do they stretch out easily?

    I went tts, it's stretched enough that I need to wear a belt. But I also need a belt because the shitty sewn on buttons fall off way to easily. So currently missing the main button, and top fly button. Love the fit, denim is really nothing exciting, yet, and the construction is isn't what I know from SDA. Overall wish I got a pair of 1001 instead

  13. Loving how your jacket has turned out fineart. Might throw mine in the wash soon, it's getting nicer and nicer out now so only really end up wearing it in the morning and take it off as soon as I get to work. But still couldn't be more stoked on this jacket


    Get some full length pictures up in the mean time.

  14. Damn Slab, would love to see some HQ pics of those 800s, look amazing... Really want to grab a pair to have as my fresh pair and the 800s are high up on that list.

  15. Great jacket and jeans Brad!

    Thanks bf. Really have fallen out of love with the jeans, but the fit on them is my favorite besides my 1108xx which are out for repairs right now.

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