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  1. I guess his pair is part of the Denimio Samurai vs Oni battle
  2. Winner winner, chicken dinner
  3. My FC are a bit bigger at the leg opening but only because I had them hemmed. Otherwise they would be about the same. I would also suggest you to size 1 up on the 800 compared to the FC 1101. Max has both pairs in the same size (34) maybe he can chime in, too.
  4. I own the WH800 in 34 and the 1101 in 33. The Warehouse has a slimmer top block and the Full Count can look a bit more sloppy from the back because of the slightly wider thighs, rear rise and back pocket placement. That said, I love both
  5. you can do it in the Supermarket section, usually not directly on Superdenim section
  6. @Max Power have you already contaced DHL Express?
  7. Fit looks cool! Resolutes are a great pair of jeans.
  8. This look can look cool but it doesn't all of the time and it might be a bit played out by now.
  9. Fit is most important. So check which pair could fit you better. Then, if money isn’t the issue I would probably go for the limited collab. The 3Sixteen will also be available later on.
  10. An extra pair in the same size. I am very optimistic I'll keep my size Although this second pair seems to be a tad bigger after all
  11. When will you pick up your pair? Fingers crossed they will fit you! My second pair of 1108EX arrived safely from Okayama Denim yesterday. They did a great hemming which matches the original hem nearly 100 %. I'll probably make this hemmed pair my first choice and gonna store the other unhemmed pair for the future.
  12. The waist on every single jeans I own/owned got back to raw measurements after some time. I haven't measured my 1108 after 2 days of wear though but I bet they will go back if pressure is applied. That said, the waist is with 36" bigger than I need so they probably won't need to be streched back out. Based on your desired waist, I think size 31 would be safer and less stress for the denim and stitching.
  13. @Vulcan did you remove the watch pocket?
  14. ^what he said. The dead giveaway are the exposed selvedge on the coin pocket and the way the leather patch looks.
  15. Beautiful fades though!