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  1. And with additional 15% off on sale items!
  2. Just washed them and wore them once/twice. My regular 1108 is my main pair.
  3. Great pair! And the train tracks are unusually strong for a pair of Samurai
  4. Anyone knows if there will be a new Champloo pair? Saw something on Instagram by Double Volante which made me think of this.
  5. Always repair before it gets worse
  6. You got a new pair?
  7. I've got them twice that's the only reason
  8. Anyone interested in a pair of 1108 EX in size 34, washed once? PM me
  9. TCB

    Great fit Flo! You have some post wash measurements?
  10. Nice pick-up! Yeah, dunno why Pherrow's never took off.
  11. TCB

    I am the same size as you. I wear the same jeans in the same sizes. I had the 505 in 34 and they were too snug. And neither the 400T or 1101 are snug on me. Maybe my pair of 505 was wrongly too small or you should better take size 36
  12. Already read and saw everything on Denimbro but thanks for sharing it here, too!
  13. The 5000 cut is similar snug in the top block like the 710. It's mostly wider below the knee because it's a straight cut. If you like more room up top take a look at the 510 cut
  14. ^ that sounds like the best solution
  15. The cinch could distract from my buttocks which I like to show off as the sponsor of this contest once said