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  1. Option 1: Search for more porn? If you've exhausted all the porn on the internet you've probably broken your dick.

    Option 2: Find summer girlfriend. Do dumb stuff to piss off girlfriend. Create unnecessary drama. Drama will distract you from boring internets. At the end of the drama, post original content in superconfessional.

  2. what if the chick was gassy and dropped an eggy fart in your mouth? such an unnecessary risk...

    What if you then swallow that fart and then burp it back up?

    Real talk, though. Why's your chick eating so many eggs?

  3. wasn't that a couple of weeks ago? he might be at like 25k+!

    True. Waka probably paid him.

    Wacka Flocka Flames is gonna shoot a video at my crib.

    How old is he really??? 19 or 21? XL-sized t-shirt fan 21-year-olds with $23.6K and excess pussy is less impressive. I'm hurt.

    Male, 21


    large/xl shirt

    w 32-34

    size 10 shooz


    drink + cig ok, food too

    barca fan, t shirt fan

    Im 19. I'll bet you $23,600 (contents of my bank account) that I've gotten more pussy than you in my 19 years of living than you will EVER get in your entire life. meh

    Dude has Clarks hookups too!


  4. Also, did you and your manager sign a job description? I've always had to sign a job description where you and your manager agree upon your roles and responsibilities. That document is then saved with HR.

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