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  1. Keep hydrated while drinking in order to avoid hangover. If you have a hangover, rehydrate. Straight water may not be enough, as you likely need electrolytes. You could do gatorade, but pedialyte would be better.

  2. I could see that. I guess I've had a couple jealous girls that were a jealous/stuck-up combo. The stuck-up part made her "too good" to do certain things. That's sort of what I was thinking. But if it's straight-up jealousy chick who has something to prove and wants to work to keep her man, then I could see that being a good thing during sex.

  3. fucked a girl I've been crushing on for 2 years like a couple weeks ago.

    she is like a huge partier (gets shitfaced like every other day) and I am pretty much straight edge.

    she gets pretty fucked up and is always around frat dudes that spend all their time trying to get her in bed. She kind of likes that attention. I wouldn't ever admit this to her but it kind of bothers me.

    As Sleazy P said, the drama might not be worth it. I dated/fucked a couple chicks that were hardcore partiers. There were times where I wondered if I was bordering on date rape and had to back away (unless we were already fucking on a regular basis - then it was more of a judgement call).

  4. girls will always be two things, insecure and jealous. just gotta find the ones that are the lesser of the two......

    I find jealousy and insecurity go pretty hand-in-hand. A girl is super jealous because she's really insecure about herself or the relationship or both.

    Now, if you're differentiating between the super crazy jealousy chick who will cut any bitch that even looks at you versus a timid quiet insecure girl, then I understand what you're driving at. But both of those are insecurities. Just different types. The really timid insecure girl is often very jealous too. They just suppress their jealousy.

    Generally I like the quiet insecure girls cause they are more willing to please you and tend to create less drama. I find they're better in bed too.

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