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  1. I have a slight kyphosis in my thoracic spine. It's not postural - I was born with it. It definitely sucks as it results in chronic back pain. I've been able to mitigate it to a degree by strengthening my back and stretching my pecs (they're contracted and tighter as a result of the forward curve). Suits and shirts generally don't drape on me correctly without tailoring.

    Interestingly, the kyphosis gives me a better than average lung capacity.

  2. *I'm separating from my wife ,relocating myself in the US from Europe. Next march I'll become father for the 3rd time . This time the newborn will have an American mom :-) Kids here are freaking out knowing what's going on, *every single time *my almost ex-wife sees me yells like crazy in front of them, crying and cursing me and my gf. I'm so fucking tired of her behavior, last night I've been really close to slap her face. *Never ever been so weird, need to stay strong and wise, wanna scream like a mofo tho...

    Couple of comments:

    1. American mom's don't necessarily deserve a smiley face. Have you seen the real americans thread?

    2. She's probably crying and cursing cause you went and did the most fucked up thing a person can do in a marriage.

    3. Depending on how young your kids are, you may have traumatized them to a degree. Nice job dad.

    4. I understand that the divorce process may take a while in Italy, but couldn't you have initiated (and ideally completed) the divorce process before getting your new girlfriend pregnant? That's just disrespectful.

  3. So eliminating easy access to guns wont reduce murders?

    No, eliminating young black and hispanic males will.

    Back to thread topic:

    (Hi setterman! You know I love you and your shotgun.)


    ...and some more of my American brethren...







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