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  1. how did he revolutionize either of those? he created an OS on a shitty phone with limited capabilities that required you to use his locked program to do anything with it.

    then he took mp3's and packaged them in the same program so that he may sell it to people.

    he revolutionized home computing in general. that's it.

    Why are you so mad? Because the world isn't open source?

  2. ^ i don't get it either.

    almost nice fucking sucks though. like, in every way.

    I dunno, he plus repped my earlier comment. But he said "and you as well", so I think he meant to neg rep me. But now I'm in the almostnice fan club cause he stroked my epeen. feelsgoodman.jpg

  3. I was wondering what took me so long to get here. Anyway...no worries. I know that I ain't a spiffy dresser and

    I've made note of it publicly. I keep in touch with my friends on Sufu because of the worldwide camaraderie

    and connection...and basically, that's it. :) Glad you noticed my earnestness

    Denton....that's what I most wish to come across in all my posts actually,

    and since you picked up on it, I succeeded.

    Polite post makes any supertrasher with at least a small soul fragment feel kinda minorbad.

  4. If they ever got into a fight and got punched, would they just burst open and die?

    What if they decided to do bench press one day, would their boobs just explode? Or if they did suicide grip and failed and dropped the bar on their boobs?!?!??!?

    If it's synthol or some kind of SEO and done properly, it should go under the muscle and sort of lift the muscle up (while simultaneously stretching the fascia surrounding the muscle. Supposed to hurt like a bitch. In which case when you touch it, it should feel like normal muscle. In fact, it can look natural assuming you don't over do it and make a body part look disproportional. This guy clearly didn't think of proportions and it looks like he may have put the SEO on top of the muscle, which is what gives it that balloon/soft like appearance. It wouldn't pop, just maybe jiggle.

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