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  1. And I believe you've "earned" that right, anyone who is too scurred to post a fit should really sit down and shut the fuck up.

    Oldest argument in waywt. Usually made by people who are butthurt for having their fit shitted on.

    If someone posts a picture of themselves in a thread that's meant for people to look at what they are wearing, they should expect to receive positive and negative comments from anyone. There are no prerequisites for commenting on something that's on the internet.

  2. ^ this

    a girl friend of mine just broke up with her boyfriend of 9 months or so. she's taking it really hard and i'm trying to be a good friend. giving her some space, talking light and all that good stuff that comes with being a good friend. she's having a really hard time, not able to eat much, emotions constantly swinging and her parents are putting a lot of stress on her because she wont tell them what's going on. she knows her mom will flip when she finds out what happened. ii'm also trying to sleep with her before she leaves for college... does this make me a bad person? (i've been working on it for about a month or so, not unsuccessfully, i might add)

    Enjoy the post-sex guilt she's going to lay on you and herself.

  3. Currently, probably just hold my wife and dogs. If this is in the future and we have kids, then the kids would be included.

    I'd want to call my parents too. But my mother likely wouldn't let me off the phone to spend my last minutes with my wife and she'd probably be praying like mad.

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