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  1. so I mentioned a few days ago that my ex is eBaying her ring. It's not that I care at all, it's way better that we divorced, and it's actually pretty amicable and friendly (from my side anyways), but eBaying the ring just solidifies my claim that she's cold and either doesn't understand empathy or affection, or just doesn't care...I genuinely don't know which it is. We're still friends, or at least I'm trying to be, especially as we have kids and it'd be infinitely better for them to have Mom and Dad on great terms than not, but her personality really makes it difficult. I guess with the ring it really doesn't matter and I don't care, but imo the respectful thing would be to either give it back, or keep it, not fucking eBay it 6 months after you got divorced, but given her personality I guess it's expected.

    Well, the punchline is my Mom called me (I linked the eBay ad to her, and she was obviously disappointed in her actions as well) and said she still has the dress, which her and my Dad paid to have professionally cleaned and boxed/sealed, and asked me what I wanted to do with it. I considered texting my ex and telling her she should list the dress with the ring as a combo set, that maybe she could make more money that way. I considered just selling it myself and spending the money on something for my current GF, who is by far deserving of something nice (even though the proceeds from my ex's wedding dress would maybe be a tacky way of funding a gift), but I think I've settled on just donating it to a women's charity, to someone who needs it, and someone who would value it. Not like it was absurd, but what I spent on the ring and the dress was considerable, especially in respect to my income, and could probably fetch a decent price...but donating it just seems like a good thing to do for someone in need...and maybe the ultimate fuck you to her.

    Donating the dress is a nice idea. Remember to get a donation slip for the value of the dress so you can get a tax write-off.

  2. yeah you're right, his blog is definitely a gem too.
    My name is Jacob. I am not a pro at photography, I simply like to take photos a lot. I am a Sophomore in High School (almost Junior), and have an interest in the internet as well. I belong to a ton of clothing forums, and post quite frequently. If anyone has any questions please ask! I am more than willing to answer! Also feel free to follow me. I am learning how to take photos still, and ones that people will hopefully enjoy!

    Neat. I have an interest in the internet too. I will follow religiously. I hope to see your photography evolve as you go through puberty.

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