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  1. oh hey I'm wearing a vivienne westwood corset, gaultier lace boy shorts + garter belt and bright yellow atsuko kudo stockings attached to the garter

    it's really hot right now and the latex is making me sweaty

    a/s/l ??

    Is it giving you swamp ass? If so, see previous page for solution options.


  2. Similar situation with my dogs. They're shepherd/chow mixes. We couldn't get them to go out to play, or go to the bathroom, in the backyard. When we did get them out, they'd hide under the deck. It was very pathetic. They had to sleep in our bedroom the last couple nights.

  3. Does finding $20 billion in treasure in an Indian temple, and now the temple has to pay for security, qualify as a 3rd world problem? Or is it a 1st world - 3rd world problem collab?

    Assuming you consider India a 3rd world country still.

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