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  1. thanks, i'm not really sure how to approach it as this is about the middle of my stay here and i don't want to get in the middle of whatever happened and i don't really want to start anything with my grandparents as i have to see them fairly often here. but i still feel like i should bring up that the woman called, as she asked me to send her message along, just leave out that i know that they might very well be (serial) thieves and scam artists

    edit: i was thinking about telling him something like "some woman called for you saying that she wants her stuff back and she threatened to get a lawyer involved. idunno what's that about, but i just thought you should be aware" i think just claiming as much ignorance as possible and trying to be nonchalant about the whole thing is the best idea.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated

    I'd say that while you're staying in their house and being supported by them while you take your Croatian class, I wouldn't step on their toes. Letting him know about the woman in a light and non-judgmental context is fine as it at least gives him a heads up that someone called. But doing anything that might piss them off or indicates that you think they're shady people while dependent on them (financially and a place to stay) might end up screwing you over. Once you're done with your class and you've moved away, you can the reconsider cutting ties with them.

  2. We got to her place, fooled around a bit more and I passed out on her couch in the basement, unshowered, pants covered in girl...residue.

    Important questions: Did it mess up your fadez? Did you have to soak earlier than you wanted, or did stay true to your denimz and let the residue crust on your jawns for the next 6 months???

  3. can we beat this record, please?

    currently active users: 841 [278 members and 563 guests]

    most users ever online was 1,373, 09-13-10 at 12:11 PM.

    what was going on that day?

    we need fresh meat

    Only way to do that is if we organize a day where all the female sufu members agree to post nudes in WAYWT.


    Topless chicks in jawns edition.

    Ladies in Julius leathers and Rick sneaks. Nothing else.

    Naked female railroad workers.

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