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  1. ^ Thank very much @Uncle Karl - I hope this is a good translation - from google translate of course



    こんにちは! @クリスT過去10年間に一度だけ洗浄しました。そしてこの生地は70年代のビッグジョンのデッドストックの生地を使用しています。私が住んでいる高知県には、かつてビッグジョンの工場がありました。ジーンズ屋さんの店主さんから、そこで働いている人に生地を少し割ってもらいました。


    Hello! @Chris T Cleaned only once in the last 10 years. And this fabric uses the fabric of Big John's dead stock from the 70's. There used to be a Big John factory in Kochi prefecture, where I live. The owner of a jeans shop asked the person working there to break the fabric a little.

    I have the same idea as you. Flea, wood chips, frayed fabric. And since it's barely washed, it's a great shade. I also love colors like this.

  2. 2 hours ago, Uncle Karl said:


    Here are some of the things I usually use.




    It is a chisel bag that I have been using for about 10 years.  The button is laurel.  I ordered this from a jeans shop in Kochi to make it.









    Hi @Uncle Karl  ...Your TCBWW2's are wearing along very nicely.

    Your chisel bag's dark and light blues and the few lighter worn areas looks beautiful. It must be that distinct combination of the not washing at all, so it keeps that certain shade of indigo + the constant contact  with wood and metal tools are the main extra ingredient. I'd love to have a chore coat or jeans with these kinds of colours/texture :smile:

  3. On 10/27/2020 at 5:06 PM, Double 0 Soul said:

    Mooching around the shops today in the pissing down rain.





    What a nice place to live Double 00 - combination of normal and poncey and unusual places. And the houses geography and all the trees lovely too. Certainly not the part of Sheffield I used to pass through on the way to Hull way back in my past

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