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  1. Thanks - its brilliant denim - the 1000 6x6 Memphis denim. I love the combination of the shades of blues - and especially the lightish dark at the top.  I know it hasn't got more of the elusive aged patina that a lot of you all get that comes from random dirt, work materials, iron ore(?) wood unknown.... - I think I am too much a puritan and protect them far too much - especially back when first got these when they're expensive and you only had a couple pairs...Now more relaxed but still a bit like that now.....:rolleyes:

  2. 20 hours ago, crownzip said:

    My old LVC 1955 501's must be over fifteen years old now. They've been patched and repaired and keep going strong.




    Those are gorgeous aged colours Crownzip.

    If only id seen more of this look when young, going through the rails and rails of secondhand uniform washed out jeans I remember in. the eighties...

  3. This post from Ryo on the TCB blog was good coincidence just as I was thinking of the blackness of the dark blue WW11's compared to the deeper bluer colours of post 47s. I was  on 1 day liking the black/blue and then the next day the bluer blue.... These 3 shown are obviously different stages of fading process  - so maybe the black/blue 40's will lose their black... 



  4. Nice but subtle @unders. Ive not posted for a while and when I took some photos of mine I wasn't able to capture the super subtle wear so far - but I think they look really like yours so if its ok with you I'll say mine are currently looking very very much like yours Unders:laugh2:. Like my pair a lot - but its maybe the way they hang as much as the wear at this state...

    Appreciating everyones updates - and some pairs looking really very well worn at the 4 month mark

  5. ^ Thats a great update - thanks for taking the trouble :smile:. Its really nice to see a few different pairs together in the same pictures. With the brain and eye being what they are, it isn't always to remember and think of the differing colours, shapes etc from pairs you've seen at different times and different lights etc..So together like this I like seeing the bluer, greyer, brighter tones. 

  6. 9 hours ago, aho said:

    Insane pair @Chris T, the power of WH!

    Thanks @aho - Warehouse denim really is good isnt it :smile:.

    Think I was lucky to choose both my Warehouse pairs in my early Japanese denim days when it was tricky to get it right :rolleyes:

    For a while after I got them I was unsure about how they fitted - sometimes ok but then often not quite right - and I didn't help by getting them a bit small (and liking slimmer but wanting wider shapes too - which possibly didn't suit me).. Sounds obvious but one of the main change over time apart from the obvious is the softening and wearing out means they hang so differently - usually so much better - and that seems more so the wider the shape.

    I wasn't supposed to be getting any more jeans after the TCB WW2's but I've just got the 1000x - I couldn't resist. I think I've got them in the right size :laugh: (not soaked yet:unsure2:)

  7. well it seems to work alright @bartlebyyphonics :smile:.  Like you say there's more consideration to it to make it look good , tho appears more random..  
    WW2's go well with it too.. Seen some of your other pics where you've possibly a larger and littler jacket nice looks.. its about how bigger but shorter jackets actually hang somehow.... Chore coats good - and the cheap surplus great no?
    I also often wear a couple jackets ( but not in a stylish way tho ) - its a nice way to wear more of the stuff you like :happy:. You have to take the odd critical/quizzical looks alright.. (And 2 pairs of jeans in the cold too..(ahem....)
    Looking forward to enjoying everyones contest stuff and how the TCB's go

  8. Thanks for the replies @justintk and @beautiful_FrEaK - yep I get what youre meaning re the TCB's. I feel a little of that too tho not as badly. It could well be less versatile with what to wear but I really like it and feels distinctive. And like the denim a lot. One of the extra appeals -  as many of you have said  - is I love the ethos of TCB - seems connected to the people into their jeans etc  and interested in them

    Just too say im not meaning to take away from the WW2's themselves, just always curious on other jeans and peoples thoughts etc so used it as an excuse to ask...:happy:. And what makes peoples' favourites.

     I almost bought the Resolute 710 BF at Trunk in London last year funnily enough but when I went down and in to the shop they didn't have any  - and at that point id vowed Never to buy more jeans without trying on:).. And I didn't do.. Well, - not until the TCB's. Most of my older  jeans are slimmer though and I've always wanted to get bigger so WW2's more along that line... 

    The TCB contest has actually got me more back into jeans interest and going back and trying on my old pairs...

    risk of rambling now......

  9. Just chiming in on the discussion on fits - not cos I know anything :blink: but its interesting what people are thinking. @volvo240thebest that is a really nice easygoing look there. I think from those that have posted fit pics they look fine don't they.. I remember some early posts people looked great in them. Its funny, sometimes people post a pic and you think that looks pretty good - wish mine fitted more like that  - and then couple weeks later they say not working out - something about it is just off and not always apparent to others most of the time:unsure:  

    Maybe a bit of an unfair question but @beautiful_FrEaK - you've probably got more experience of the variety of jeans than most to compare the TCB's with so its probably more clear to you - what's some of your favourite fitting jeans just for hanging out? 

    Anyone else got real favourites that they've got? I find they change quite a lot over time  - as the jeans get older and hang differently (usually betterly)

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