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  1. @MJF9 or might start using the Freewheelers type 1 for work abuse next
  2. wwii jeans. Another crotch bites the dust….
  3. Kind of thinking of trying some Kapital style sashiko repairs.
  4. 10 months of abuse on this. Due for some repairs or maybe retirement
  5. wish we had a good local denim repair place in Seattle. Really don’t want to have to mail these to get the chainstitch hem re done
  6. @Duke Mantee agreed. Granny may have something in the works @mstaxi never noticed that until you commented. Now I’m curious how many broken areas I have haha
  7. @mstax sorry for confusion. I found my button on the floor of the porta potty at work. This morning I took my needle and thread and decided to sew it back on.
  8. literally digging trenches for plumbing. Have to get to the old lead poured cast iron pipe and break it up with a sledge hammer. Shit is really heavy. we will replace with new pvc piping.
  9. Nicks builder pros in 1964 tan rough out
  10. button is sewn back on my Neal chambray. @mlwdp I like these that they teased on IG for the show
  11. had a button pop off my Neal chambray. Nice easy fix. Even for me. Ha
  12. shredwin_206


    Nicks Wickett & Craig double stuffed. Thick and burley belt. .25” thick and 1.75” wide.
  13. @tooth yea the rainfall effect is really cool with the wwii denim
  14. time to hit up Hoosier for a replacement button for my Neal chambray… been wearing it for work and it must’ve popped off sometime this week
  15. Filson denim vest. Runabout brander. Neal chambray. Somehow lost a button
  16. I saw those photos. Also his worn in jeans and jacket look killer. im curious how the 1942 will differ from all the previous offerings. If it’ll be a new cut or strictly different buttons/rivets?
  17. @AnOldFolkSong I was just curious. I’ve washed and dried all my pairs a lot and have zero rust. I was just curious if maybe they switched the types of buttons they were using. looks really cool. Wish mine would patina like that
  18. @AnOldFolkSong how did you get your buttons so rusted?
  19. @mstax you put Coca Cola in the wash with the jeans??
  20. Top to bottom: 601b 43 37 S601xx Which is your favorite ?
  21. Freewheelers skid row Freewheelers 1937 jeans Nicks moc toe boots
  22. @AnOldFolkSong jeez. Those buttonholes are trashed. How did that happen? also interesting to see so much rust on yours and @mstax buttons.
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