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  1. Denimio were awesome. Great customer service, sent my replacement pair before i'd even mailed the original pair back. not sure if they offer a hemming service, but my 1109xx shrank 2 inches after a 40c hand wash.

  2. thighs are ok i think - was just hoping to avoid revealing too much my arse crack if possible by having a better fitting waist. my experience with raw denim, as opposed to sanforised, is that it rarely shrinks the amount it's 'supposed' to - for me at least.

    will likely just hot wash and see where i get to, tumble dry if necessary.

  3. a question for you Fullcount veterans: just got myself 1109xx from Denimio and they're a tad larger than i was expecting. assuming i can get my hands on a washing machine with a functioning hot wash (mine's busted), what's the shrinkage i should expect on a 40 degree wash? am toying with sizing down one as i can currently fit a couple of fingers in between the waistband and myself.

  4. picked this up the other day at a flea market, wasn't even looking for one but seeing as it was in mint condition and only au$35 i couldn't pass it up. no dents, no dings, no scratches, no dust inside or out.



  5. have you asked Giles at Iron Heart? my guess is they'll both stretch back to their raw size after soak & some wear, it's just a question of how snug they are now and whether you don't mind things being snug at first. I've got some 555-02's (raw 18oz) and some 301s (sanforized 21oz). The 555's shrank less than an inch but stretched back and then some, whilst the 301s were tight at first but eventually stretched out just under 2 inches over the years.

    my guess is you could probably get away with the 34's if you wore them a little bit pre-soak, and then cold soaked them as that would facilitate less shrinkage at first...

  6. Some fit pics of my SR8 Cobras. They don't really do justice to the lustre this denim has:


    14050750713_58a3b61b19_s.jpg20140427_095526 by tizwiz78, on Flickr


    14007627826_c1ecb86093_s.jpg20140427_095206 by tizwiz78, on Flickr


    14050753583_a6b938529d_s.jpg20140427_095129 by tizwiz78, on Flickr


    I love the fit and I'm not sure whether to soak them or not. I'm not going for 'sick fades' and I don't want them to be uncomfortably tight.

    you'll be fine totally fine soaking those. just chuck them in a bucket or something for 20 minutes, in the same temp water you're likely to wash them in when you get round to it.

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