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  1. I've recently become interested in Full Count. I prefer a slim cut as opposed to the vintage cut. Which model should I look at? Right now, my denim is a 32 waist with 11 inch front rise and 11.5 inch thigh. I really don't want the high rear rise.


    the slimmest is actually the 1110z. Blue In Green have it, or did last time i checked..

  2. not everyone gets the same results. whilst the denim should typically behave the same between batches, it's normal to see variations. method of soak etc can also mean differing results but as long as you like them & they fit that's the main thing.

  3. I hot soaked my brand new pair ( size 36) twice and got somewhere between 0.75 - 1 inch of shrinkage in the waist.


    what he said. i got an inch after a couple of hot soaks on some 3109's.


    One interesting detail about Lawless denim: they let you customize each pair of jeans. I'm surprised no one mentioned that.
    They let you choose patch design, thread color, stitching details for pockets, seams, hems, button metal (copper, brass, etc) and some other details I'm forgetting now. Try getting that from any of the bigger brands. (An aside - I can't believe I'm referring to a couple Japanese companies that have a fraction of one percent of total denim market share as "bigger brands".)
    Anyway, I backed a few pairs from Lawless. I can get over the typos and marketing for customized jeans made of 18.5 oz Kuroki selvedge that are under $100 and 17 oz Kaihara for under $80.
    Let them prove themselves. Maybe the quality will be good. There's a lot of room in the market place for new companies, and I'd rather support them, and other new companies, than shoot them down.



    i'd say there's no room in the market for new companies, especially when they're kickstarter funded and peddling the 'for americans by americans' thing. they're a dime a dozen.

  5. what Ed said.


    i have some Iron hearts that have it worse than this, and have been since day one. it's been 18mths now since i first put them on and it has amounted to less than nothing.


    your jeans are fine. wear & move on.

  6. updated fit pics following a second hot soaking. i was contemplating sizing down yet again as the waist had stretched massively but a second soak really did the trick all over, and even after a full day's wear they haven't gotten loose again. well happy with this outcome..






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