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  1. My pair is on the airplane since the 10th of November. Unusually long isnt' it?

    Nah. Was 4 days to Sydney so double to Germany isn't that much of stretch, especially in the lead up to Xmas time when the mail volumes explode.

  2. It's solid work as always. I went with just the denim pocket bags as extra pimping, but Ande threw in a selvedge fly too just for kicks! Even though i own a denim store now, and can take my pick of what we carry, i'm sad this'll be the last pair of Ande's i can get - will have to hold on to those 15oz Cobras i don't fit, just in case i lose a few inches...

  3. I've got some SR6 Cobra's that don't fit me if anyone's interested. This is the 15oz model, with no pocket arcs. They are tagged a 30" with 30" leg but the waist measures 32". The thigh opening is 11" and the hem width is 6.75". They've been worn maybe 30 times?? PM me if interested.

  4. They do run larger than most shirting. I'm a S/M depending on brand, but the Small in these was too big for me hence not actually owning one personally. They're all really nice fabrics, but the deadstock chambray is the pick for me - plus, who doesn't love a pearl snap? There's sizing info on the WHR site as well the Great Southern Denim Co site. Ryan's sold out of the chambray version i think, and i think also stock is limited on the others..

  5. I was wondering how strong the mud-dyed weft peeks through the denim on a pair of SG2109s. I have looked at pictures online, but it looks as though results may vary. Does the weft fade with soaks and washings? I'm guessing the color doesn't show up with fades?

    In addition to Strike Golds, Momotaros and 3Sixteens...any other companies offer brown/mud/tan dyed wefts? Thanks!

    Just depends on how much you push it wear wise. Hemi of NZ's Wakefield Hotel posted some pics of some well worn 2109's ages ago and you could see the weft quite clearly, but they were heavily worn to the extent of there being nothing but weft in certain areas if you see what i mean.

  6. Just thought i'd weigh in on this one...


    Whilst i can't speak for how other stores approach their sales, i can only say that we have little interest in selling somebody something that doesn't work for them. The way is see it we're here to provide a service, and one that extends beyond giving you the ability to try on something on that you'd only seen on the internet. If the fit isn't right, particularly on raw products, it really is to nobody's benefit to try & convince them it's going to work. On the odd occasion we have made a sale that's 'on the fence' so to speak fit wise, we were clear up front that it may not work out post wash - thankfully it's always worked out for the best and nobody's come back disappointed.


    Every store is going to have their own way of doing things, but we feel honesty is the best policy and we'll always give an opinion on a fit. If we're going to sell you something we want you to enjoy it, otherwise what's the point?

  7. If I remember correctly, this is an intentional effect - I'm pretty sure that FCs are constructed in such a way that the stitching is supposed to disintegrate. Don't ask me why.


    It's not just busted stitching, it's actually messy: uneven outseam work, botched stitching in the crotch, etc etc...

  8. No issues at all - Ryan's work is clean & strong. To date the best made (constructed) jeans i've owned have been made by WHR & Ande Whall. I have a pair of Fullcounts which have been worn maybe 30 times and they've got stitching popping out all over the place - they may have 'cred' and a place in Japanese denim's history but the construction is f**king shoddy at best.

  9. I'm curious, why aren't there any denim retailers in the US carrying Ande's stuff? Perhaps Ande could answer this. Is it that it's cost prohibitive and not worthwhile, or simply because Ande is a one man operation?

    There aren't any Ande retailers in the world full stop.

    As a one man operation to create a wholesale pricepoint would mean effectively cutting his 'rates' in half. For a factory made line it's feasible, but when it comes down to one man and a pair of scissors... it's just not realistic to do that.

  10. Sitting right here in Glasgow in my Caribous! 


    Saw someone in London with an awesome worn pair on one time.

    Could have been me.... if it was 2013. Otherwise i'm in Sydney Australia.

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