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  1. I never fully understand your descriptions of the process Neal (that's on me, not you) but I like the photos and the end result looks very good. We just need to see it mounted and holding a bike, otherwise it's just a well-made ornament! :biggrin:

  2. I think I’ll consolidate my sales threads here.

    TCB 30s jacket, size 40 - £50 plus postage. I bought this brand new and unworn from Foxy a few years back, he washed and dried it first and then bought a bigger size. I have never washed it and only worn it sparingly in the summer but it’s slightly too small so has to go. I’ve just bought a replacement in size 42, the denim is a beautiful 12.5oz with a fair bit of weft on show. The darker photos are truest to colour and fading is fairly minimal, there's some creasing inside the elbow.


    • Chest (P2P) - 20.5”
    • Shoulders - 17”
    • Length (bottom of collar to bottom of waistband) - 25”
    • Sleeve (inner) - 18.5”
    • Sleeve (outer) - 24”








    Other items (details posted elsewhere on this thread) with some price drops:

    SDA 101s - £150 plus postage

    Deluxeware sweatshirt - SOLD

    Kid's Nudie selvedge jeans - £40 plus postage

    Skidz canvas sneakers - £15 plus postage


  3. On 5/18/2021 at 5:13 PM, Maynard Friedman said:

    Just found these 2 pairs of Gap selvedge kids jeans in my denim repair/scraps bag. Age 4, in good condition, they used to belong to my son who’s now 13! Yours for the price of postage (or, alternatively, free with the Nudies above! :wink:). There’s also a pair of age 3 but with small holes in the knees. 



    Last call on these before they go to charity.

  4. I’ve been wearing my 76s lately and really enjoying them but one minor irritant (on both my pairs) is the width of the chainstitched hem, it’s far too wide in my opinion. I owned a few pairs of selvedge 501s back in the 80s (some of which may have been from the late 70s) and they all had narrow hems. None of my other era LVC have this wide hem issue either so I’m not sure if it’s a deliberate ‘feature’ or simply inaccurate sewing from a factory used to making wider hems for other brands.

  5. Deluxeware sweat in faded red, size L. Barely worn as it came up smaller than my grey and blue versions of the same size. Worn just a few times and probably washed twice, almost new condition 9/10. SOLD.

    • Chest (p2p): 21”
    • Length (top of back of neck to bottom of waistband): 25”
    • Shoulders (straight across): 19”
    • Sleeve (inner to armpit): 21”
    • Sleeve (outer to shoulder): 22”

    Colour in last photo is most accurate.






  6. I’ve seen those Neal and as I mentioned above, they don’t seem to be the same as the ones I had. My recall is basically of a pair of black/orange Puma Suede with a gum sole, one of my favourite pairs, although it was a long time ago so my memory could be failing me as the hard drive is becoming full!

  7. Very good Duke :laugh2:

    Funnily enough, there’s more info available on Nappers Sports than on those trainers! The vintage Tempo that come up via internet searches are not the same as the ones I have. I know model names often change over time or for specific geographic markets, e.g. I had a pair of blue Puma Rocket in the early 80s that are the same as the vintage Fast Rider.

  8. I remember my first pair of Puma - black suede with an orange suede trim and a gum sole, I’m sure they were called Tempo. Bought from Napper’s Sports in Hackney around 78/79 when I was in primary school. I’ve looked but can’t find any info on them.

  9. Yes, the top button has the spots/dots too, they’re just not as prominent as on the other buttons. The buttons on the 66s also have a nice feel to them. Overall though, LVC are not renowned for the quality of their hardware.

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