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  1. On 1/10/2022 at 2:55 PM, cool_hand said:

    Apart from the Katakana text how do the Limited Japan 501 differ from the standard 1955 Made in Japan? Do they use a different denim? And who is making selvedge now for LVC Japan?

    Don’t know if they differ from standard 55s (I assume not) but the denim is made by Kaihara mills

  2. Here’s another: https://long-john.nl/

    Whilst we’re in the Benelux, I used to enjoy a blog from a Belgian, based in Antwerp I think, who also had a shop or webstore. He closed everything down a good few years back and resumed his career as an artist iirc. He had a pair of those old Sugar Canes with the Mt Fuji arcs for sale, but sadly too big for me. Anyone remember it?

  3. Today my jeans helped me feed live locusts to Marley, our bearded dragon. She’s 7 or 8 now and we’ve had her for a little over 6 years. Those tweezers are about a foot long in total as I don’t want to get too close to her food!


  4. I still refer back to Repeat to Fade and Loomstate too.

    A further couple of blogs I’ve enjoyed over the years are:

    • Denim etc - he posts occasionally on Denimbro but I don’t think he’s active here. Sadly the blog hasn’t been updated in a while
    • Paul T - a predecessor to his loomstate blog and also contains much of the info that was later (I think) consolidated into his excellent LVC 501 thread here on Sufu
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