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  1. I don't see how that is too dissimilar to any community. Especially one where exposure is based upon consensus. [note: I'm assuming Instagram bubbles stuff up via some like/share mechanism] Being into a brand like RgT is a definitively "hipster" [note2: I hate that term] thing to be into and common hobbies for that culture is being into photography, coffee, food, boots, Americana ... It just sounds like RgT sub culture has decided on their group consensus for whats best and people just jerk around that. But that attitude isn't unique to RgT or anything because you see the same shit on Reddit (J Crew + SLUBZZZ + Red Wings), here, sneaker forums, steetwear forums ... I mean it just happens.

    Have you seen the rgt pod boys on instagram? They look the same, their filters are the same, their comments are the same, everything is the exact same.

  2. The part about asking about brands was the part I found ridiculous, just by what it is based on. It was some dude from Calgary he was pretty much calling out. But agree with Ben, just trys to hard.

    Also dwilson I wouldn't have an opiniom on rgt if I didn't go on instagram. But it's so stupid there is a group of people that all dress the exact same, all wear the same boots, all like photography, all like abandoned areas, and all pose the exact same. It's seriously retarded.

  3. YOW! Those are perfect! Samurai denim is insanely nice, I was really impressed with a really worn pair i felt waiting to be repaired at self edge.

    What? I thought you disliked Samurai?

  4. This definitely is filed under the blunders category. I don't expect anyone to watch it, as I won't but this SOP RGT cult thing is just ridiculous. In this video the dude from snake oil provision goes over his pet peeves and store ettiqute.

    I was chatting with someone at a shop today and he brought this up and told me a few of the points of the video and I was pretty surprised. A couple of them are, don't ever talk about brands we don't carry, even if you're trying to help someone with a fit. This stems from someone asking how they fit compared to apc and someone on the comment chain (instagram) helping them out. That dude from sop freaked out at them and deleted their string of comments, seems pretty childish. Another point was a customer should never know more about the products in the store than the person working there...

    I guess I might just have a pre disposition to not like them as I am sick of all these rgt/mia pod boys on instagram posting the same outfits over and over again

  5. Yeah, was 9 weeks, 10 weeks to my front door. Now I have to send them back to see if they lasted them right, but didn't get word as to what will happen if they are. By some weird chance my originals are wrong, but fit perfectly and these are lasted properly. But Kyle was the one who recommend the sizes. 

  6. It looks weird because of the angle of the back on the saw blade I am using as a gauge, and the condition of my old boot, but can see the size difference. Didn't even bother putting that boot on as I can clearly see it looks like a clowns boot in the box.



    But besides the unwearble issue, these boots are fucking sweet. Wouldn't have gone with cuban heel, but apparently you have to if you want a steel toe which I found kind of odd to be honest. But builds pretty obvious, lace to toe, 8", red dog rough and smooth (love the combos, and had to get the red dog rough out after seeing gnomes and max's)



  7. Yeah they will take care of it for me no problem, but Ned to get my hands on my new boss before I do anything. Also no point in getting them to fix then if I am going to just need a re sole, so will just do it together.

    But good to know, I did get the 430 again as I am not working in as harsh places, but if I see it break down fast will just do 100

  8. Really hope I just had a new person stitching these boots up, and it's not things to come with Whites, but my current ones are hanging on, barely, till my new ones arrive. But wonder how this happened, poor work? Bad QC? Or me not getting a resole and wearing down the stitching? 




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