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  1. honestly. i've never owned two pairs of jeans at the same time, but this is making me thing about it pretty damn hard. a little over half way there already!

  2. even though i already spent my newly attained money on tenders, i wish that i could fit body type needed any warehouse cut besides 660. those 700s are beyond amazing. they actually look like vintage jeans. they also give a vibe of the lvc variety that is completely unmatched by all other japanese repro. they make americana better than the americans rather than differently.

  3. yeah, but now you see the "sorry for the neg rep, I'm on my iPhone/iPad" everywhere...

    after the third time you repped wrong, you should just admit that you're not ably to do it correctly so stop doing it on your phone...

    lol. accidental touch on my computer. i'll post something relevant.

    nuffsaid, i think that you're cuffs are looking mighty hefty. any chance that you would hem or doublecuff?

    thinfinn, i really like how your dog matches your jacket :P you should get a Kerry Blue for your denim jacket days :)

  4. ah. whoops! i remember you saying something about leica previously and i just assumed incorrectly. out of all of the "cone indigo ducks" that have been a sort of craze recently, it seems like these left fields are the best, and the smartest. treating such a canvas like a pair of jeans doesn't make sense to me... but hey, maybe it's just me.

  5. my pants are sold! as soon as i get the money, it'll be funneled to superdenim for my new "unborn" one washes! finally all of my talking is coming to something!

  6. when you write your art history paper about van gogh's boots so you can talk about how mass production ruined the individuality and craftsmanship of clothing....

    lol, talking about speed hooks. my professor is a real asshole, so i'll let her figure out what all of these boot terms are.

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