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  1. i was looking at the old blue site and saw those black fuck pants. i wish that i didn't miss my size!

    whoops! ducks ducks ducks!

  2. sugarcanes are some of the most stubborn jeans around. the combs and the inner thigh whiskers look pretty off. you didn't do anything to "help" them along?

  3. i beg to differ, keep the cuffs jesus, they look cool

    thanks man!

    How tall are you, wgmds?

    6'2 in those shoes i think. i really don't like stacking. personal preference. my jawns are all cuffed. i guess it's the ruedi in me :)

    and wgmds, hair does look very western-culture-portrayal-of-jesus-esque.

    thanks, it's fun looking like a deity!

  4. ready for the neg storm! once again, i was bored yesterday. i claim to be a desperate slob, and this picture confirms both of those. it's just the internet, right?

    christ hair

    patchy facial hair

    free tee shirt that's been washed to hell (a comfy, comfy place in hell)

    left field black selvedge ducks



  5. Alden Indy in Natural CXL or White's Semi Dress in Natural CXL with medallion toe cap.

    i prefer the semi dress, but what are you using either for? just stomping around? semi dress (with a rubber sole) is much heavier than the indy. i personally don't like captoes, but i would still go for the whites. maybe a double leather sole/ standard heel without (natural) stain.

  6. i think that the 130 is the 132 with tapered legs, while the 129 is slimmed down thighs as well. i've noticed that union made has the most accurate measurements (that i saw).

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