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  1. if you're still on the fence once you figure your sizing, i cannot recommend these jeans any more highly than i already do. they're simply amazing. i fall in love every time i wear them.

  2. Sorry to see your original pair going, as you say, they're part of the first ever run, so while in general I think the jeans are getting better in consecutive seasons, there's something special about the very first lot. I totally understand though, and I'd love it if you could get a better fitting replacement pair.

    own a part of tender history because of my skinny ass!

    dropping it down to $300! any off is great; i love to haggle! please, so i can stop wasting everyone's time with my nonsense and pestering!

  3. viberg has an article on their blog that says that they're engineers are $450 (base). can anyone confirm that? I'm super confused, because that article was dated jan/feb 2012. are they less than wescos!? i'm not going to buy new boots for years to come, but damn, that's a pretty low price if it's right.

  4. So here they are. They're part of the first production run ever by tender. These are way too big for me and i'm an idiot, so i bought them anyway. They've got almost too many little denim nerd things laced throughout to even talk about. Worn 2 times in december(?) 2010. They're awesome pants that i would keep if i actually sized them correctly.

    I'm asking $265+shipping, but honestly, just shoot me any offer and i'll consider--if not accept--it. Need to sell these for more pants to feed current addiction since i have absolutely no money ever!

    Shoot me a PM if you have any questions about these. Any questions at all. I love talking about denim even though i seem pretty obnoxious on the internet!

    Thanks for looking, and your time!



    Exposed Universal rivets


    Pencil Pocket (exclusive to 1st run)


    Lost Wax Cast Brass Button (two button fly)


    Beautiful 17oz woad dyed denim


  5. i know, i know! i'm broke and talk a big game/ really wish i could get everything! i was going to go for the pique jeans, but they're too light for my winters for me to justify the price :(.

  6. so... i completely disregarded everything--because the man at sherman brothers sold me the alden shoe dressing claiming that "it's got the same conditioning power of meltonian, but it will be shinier"--that everyone said about cxl leather. i mean, they are shinier, but the leather seems pretty well dried out :(. i'll just buy some meltonian and do it again, but condition them after the wax wears a little. sort of regret it, but i regret most things...

    love em, but the chromexcel does seem to be pretty dry.









  7. any of you folks know about limmer boots? a family friend of mine who knows a whole mess about hiking/ boots recommends these to the highest degree. if any of you folks are looking for some serious hikers, and want an american made pair that rivals viberg's prices, here's the company for you!



  8. so here's the deal. i'm really thinking about selling my 132s because my current raws are on their final legs/ worn pretty well/ i want a new project, but i think i want a pair of 130s in waist 30. is that possible to find, william? i probably won't be able to get full price for mine, but hey, it'll be more than nothing. i love the 132, but i'm just so damn skinny and they're also 2 inches big on me right now :o!

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