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  1. don't get me wrong, i love the pre 1940s style cuts on people who can wear it. having very slim thighs (my warehouse measure 10.5 and the thigh on the 130 is about an 11.5. i would wear the bigger cuts if they worked better on me. i love seeing people wearing the rising sun repros and mister freedom creations. it's just this body type. i love the stuff that you do and i love how connected you are to your fan base, so that's why i am so insistant to do my best to find a pair that fits. i just got off of the superdenim chat, and they said that i could just exchange the 130 for the 129 when they get them in stock. that sounds good to me.

    keep doing--or at least wearing--the anti-fit thing. it's a great look on you! hopefully tender round 3 will be my last round in purgatory.

  2. Looks like you spend more time on your ass than I do... ha

    Nice jeans though for sure!

    my "bandana" is actually my patch that i've been to lazy to sew on there. my bike seat is a real killer, and those jeans see a hell on a lot of action on there.

  3. xpost from warehouse thread

    2 months shy of 2 years.

    technical difficulties... please hold!


    DSC_0240 by dsdranoff, on Flickr


    DSC_0243 by dsdranoff, on Flickr


    DSC_0252 by dsdranoff, on Flickr

    now that you're acquainted, here's some porn.


    DSC_0251 by dsdranoff, on Flickr


    DSC_0249 by dsdranoff, on Flickr


    DSC_0248 by dsdranoff, on Flickr


    DSC_0244 by dsdranoff, on Flickr


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    DSC_0245 by dsdranoff, on Flickr

  4. here they are! the thighs look a little big, not sure if they look too great on me :(

    so here's an update. i just emailed superdenim and asked about their stoking of the 129 cut. I think i would like to exchange these guys for a pair with a slimmer thigh and lower waist--exactly what the 129 is to the 130. i figure that if i'm planning on wearing these for +2 years that i might as well love the fit.






  5. I don't like Iron Heart. I don't despise them, but I made myself stop looking at the IH thread because one day I came to the realization I just don't like anything I'm seeing. I think it's mostly their sheen when new, and the flat uniformity over the denim, all of which I believe that comes form the sanforization process. But, it just turns me off.

    I just wanted to make the point that the denim does have character, just not the same character as other brands. If its not your thing, then fair play to you, but is this thread not titled "denim you despise"?

    I see merit in what setterman is saying. Iron hearts do start out without too much slub--which i know he likes because he's a warehouse guy :)--, and because of the sanforized they do look a lot less old-timey denim like than other brands. some people like apples, other like oranges. he never said that he despised it, but that he didn't like iron heart. this seems like it would be the most appropriate place for that. i've seen a pair of construction worker owned iron hearts on this forum that are great, and perfect for iron heart, but everyday wear on them could seem a little drab.

    but whatever. this is just my--the kid who always wants to buy stuff but never has any money and wastes the time of innumerable people-- two cents.

  6. why do they even call them speedhooks...those shits are not any speedier

    i just searched like a mad man to no avail, but there was something like a 16 inch pair of jobmasters that someone used speed hooks with. you just hold both strings in the same hand and hook it around the first one on the left (or right), then the next two on the other side. if i actually explained that correctly, then it should make sense.

  7. i wore my indys today for the first time since march--probably longer than that. after my whites, these guys feel as light as sneakers. still love the whites. i'll give an update sometime soon. they're nicely shined, too. chromexcel actually can become pretty lusty.

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