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  1. Those are pretty silly. $1200 for a pair of not custom made, cowhide boots. Cool "6 hour sole" on those. What happens to soles? They wear, they get ripped off and then they get replaced. There are much better options for the price. Plus, if they're true work boots, they should probably have a double midsole for extra rigidity.

  2. LOOKING FOR A BLACK PAIR OF PANTS. OPINIONS? Thinking about the mister freedom devil skin pants (feel like a dick for waiting until the sale ended, but whatever). These are going to be a full time replacement for my jeans--or actually, the left field black ducks that I've been wearing for the past 7 months--so they need to be sturdy. There's also the self edge black pants from sugarcane. any other suggestions?

    thanks, y'all.


  3. Superdenim accidentally sent me a pair of 130s again (whoops). I looked on their site and it seems that the 129 waist is too big. I've done my best! I will still comment--albeit a little too frequently--and admire the clothes that you make. I wish that I could fit a pair of those new trews. I've been welding recently and got a small and painful burn on my knee that probably would not have happened on a pair of "foundry" fabric pants. Keep on keeping on!

  4. After some delay I am being shipped my unborn 129 cut from Superdenim. They shipped them in such a rush that I wasn't about to find out if they would fit before they had sent them over. Those painters pants are interesting.

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