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  1. no shit? i actually want a pair of boot-forgiving cut jeans... i think i'm heading up to BiG some day this week to try em on and hopefully have a pair of jeans that i can put some suspender buttons on for a new look!

  2. i want florian's fit on the warehouse 700. he must have sized down an awful amount. but doesn't it stand as a testament to warehouse's greatness when all of the people don't like the fit, but grin and bear it because they're so great? hopefully some newer cuts will come as to a relief to us skinny legged folk.


    Jeans: Warehouse #700

  3. i'm mulling over a pair of those, sunday! hey christian, what are the chances that there will be another pair of chinos pants from you? i adore mine. even though they were washed before i got them, they've evolved a little. i'll take some pics soon!

  4. just it ?

    to my knowledge, yes. lot's of old peacoat designs have them as so many flight jackets. i mean, the more i think about it, it's possible that i'm wrong considering that these are shirts, but it's at least a lead!

  5. i want to ask something guys,

    almost mister freedom shirt and coat has chinstrap, so what does the real function / maybe histor of chinstrap beside it give a vintage look ?

    it's an insurance policy. it makes sures that everything stays fastened.

  6. yeah, those cheapen them up something fierce. i'm more traditional when it comes to work boots, though. i like a big sole to reflect the big shoe. i think you should have gone for a double--or even single--leather sole instead of a half sole with that heel. maybe it's just me, but the stockiness of the shoe with the indy style sole isn't for me.

  7. i measured my feet using the brannock-esque printout from the rancourt site and it says that i wear a 9d and a 10c. i sent a foot tracing to kyle at bakers a while back and he put me into the 9d for both feet on the semi dress last. my question is, even though they are different companies, could i just be messing up? it seems a little drastic to be one full size different and a width different in rancourt when both of my whites are the same.

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