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  1. Hey Ray,


    "Are you going to buy anything" was one of the few interactions we had. I asked him about one of his python skin shoes, wondering if they were durable like many other exotic skins (lizard, aligator, etc) looking to have at least a conversation. He gave me a one sentence answer of "they're only for dress". He seemed to not even care that I was in there, where as for BiG (who carries items more expensive than the most pricy shoes there) the employees had conversations with me and seemed to like speaking to me instead of having me bother them. 


    Maybe it's just something that I experience, as a 20 year old who is definitely a little left of center. Before the long hair, I was young and people dismissed me because of my age. Assuming that I was either there to bother them or that I didn't know anything. I work at a movie theater and one day a customer came in wearing White's and he was dumbfounded that I--a humble popcorn scoop--knew what his shoes were/the person who had a stingray leather wallet that I identified as she was paying for a ticket. Speaking to people who assume that they're better than you gets to be a little bit annoying when you've been doing it for about 7 years. I guess I don't judge books by their covers and try to be nice to people that I meet. I'm probably in the minority.

  2. I think it was Davichan who said that Leffot was the best shoe store in NYC a while back. They do have some shoes to salivate over, but that, by no means, gives anyone a reason to be uppity. The owner had a customer there who was buying thousands of dollars worth of shoes. I went in there and seemed to bother him. The owner was so dismissive. Regardless of what I look like--which is a mix between someone who wears nice clothes, a homeless person and western jesus--the owner should not treat anyone differently just because of appearance. In all honesty, that guy doesn't deserve any sort of recognition. All of the shoes that he sells can/should be purchased at shoe stores that are more polite, cheaper and less obnoxious. Money can't buy class, ass.



  3. Can anybody who owns an Alden boot and the White's semi dress speak to the relative shaft height? Is it about the same?

    They seem to be able the same with heel sizes factored in and everything. I love my Whites. After getting them, the Aldens seem flimsy. Maybe it's just the thin sole, but my Whites can put up with the beatings that I have to give them, where the Aldens feel a little more like a man in khakis and a hardhat. Aldens feel more like shoes while the Whites feel like boots.

  4. I dont buy japanese denim to work in, even though its technically workwear. I wouldnt buy Indy's or Wolverine's to hike in or wear to the construction site, even though they are technically work boots.

    I wear my White's and denim--and duck--to blow glass, weld and do other work activities. What would you use instead?

  5. Haven't seen a pair of raw neighborhoods in a minute--or a few years. Cuff'em!

    Haven't posted a fit in a while and someone took a picture of me, so why not?

    Spooky Face

    AA Chambray

    Left Field


    Oh yeah, it's me trying to "kick my own ass"


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