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  1. cheapmuthafukr

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    What do you mean by late 66 small e? Big e went until 72 or so…
  2. cheapmuthafukr

    Nice Things

    Speaking of birthdays, this was my gift to myself for 41 last year. I found the bike stock, and did a pretty much frame up rebuild with parts from the local co-op. The only parts that are original to the bike are the brake arms. It’s a lot of fun.
  3. cheapmuthafukr

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    Buzz/vintage/engineered garments/ hoggs/ mephisto/ seiko
  4. cheapmuthafukr

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    I started getting into watches recently, and it’s a part of the whole look.
  5. cheapmuthafukr

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    Buzz/buzz/real McCoy/visvim/braun
  6. cheapmuthafukr

    Nice Things

    Also, it’s nice to have nice things to listen to music with. I re-foamed the speakers and they are amazing.
  7. cheapmuthafukr

    Nice Things

    Couple other things that have kept me sane and happy thru the pandemic… 06 ash deluxe strat and goodsell unibox 10 amp.
  8. cheapmuthafukr

    Nice Things

    That’s so cool.
  9. cheapmuthafukr

    Nice Things

    Speaking of bikes, these are nice and I like having them around… 1972 motobecane le champion and 1988ish de rosa.
  10. cheapmuthafukr

    Wait... I heard you have to pay to post now

    I assumed you took it out of my rep.
  11. cheapmuthafukr

    WAYWT 2022 [denim edition]

    Patagonia/allsaints/Maude Nibelungen (no vis)/west ride/mephisto/zodiac
  12. cheapmuthafukr

    Tanner Goods : Portland, Ore

    Today… 12 years old
  13. cheapmuthafukr


    Tanner golden natural sample after… 12 years? 13? I have no idea anymore
  14. cheapmuthafukr

    Nice Things

    My girlfriend got me this guitar stand last year, and I love it.
  15. cheapmuthafukr

    The Sneakers we wear with our jeans

    Don’t know if these go here or the other shoe thread… but I’m loving them. Vintage mephisto.
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