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01 |  superfuture started in 1999. how old were you then? 

Back then I was 19.

02 |  how did you first discover sufu? 

I think I'd discovered sufu around 2010. I started to wear raw denim in 2009, and I think I found sufu because of some internet searches related on "how often should I wash my jeans". I'd been a lurker for a couple years at least and I've been an active member since 2012 I think. I only hang around the superdenim sub forum.

03 |  there are plenty of shopping experts on supertalk. what's your specialty? are you a pro?

I am not a pro! Just an average guy who likes to wear his denim. I am a musician and I work as well in music management. I play traditional and early music on wooden flutes and I work as director of a chamber music festival in Italy. My specialty would probably be everything involved with Japanese brand TCB. TCB is a small factory brand from Kurashiki in Okayama prefecture of Japan. They're specialized on reproduction of workwear from the 1920's to the 1960's. I bought my first pair of TCB jeans in 2012, just a couple of months after the brand was created. I believe I've been one of their first overseas customers. Since then I've become quite a fan of the brand and also a friend of the founder of TCB Hajime Inoue. Through my enthusiasm and sharing evolution pics of all my TCB jeans and jackets I think I've helped the brand to spread a bit outside of Japan.


04 |  reputation is everything in an online community. how's yours going? do you ever get neg repped?

I don't care much about reputation. I do care about good manners and I see the rep system as a tool to keep the people well behaved on forums. 

05 |  online forums are all about the members, threads and posts. who and what keeps you addicted?

Raw denim, vintage style inspired by 1920's to 1960's, Japanese vintage inspired brands, leathercraft, fine boots. I like to see how clothes are worn, and I appreciate people who put together a well thought outfit, not necessarily composed by a bunch of expensive and exclusive clothes only. I also love vintage cars, especially Volvos (hence my nickname), photography, tattoos, and music of course, though the music I listen to won't appeal to the 95% of the sufu crowd, being mostly hardcore, pure drop traditional music, early music and classical music.

06 |  supertalkers are based all over the planet. have you met any IRL? 

I come from Italy, where the raw denim community is really small. Only a couple of my real life friends know and wear selvedge jeans, and none of them live in my area. There are only a few Italian regular posters on sufu, but I've never met any of them. I did meet a couple posters outside of my country on various tours. One of them has become a good friend IRL as well.


07 |  are you fast and furious / slow chilled and controlled / or bitter and twisted?

Definitely slow, chilled and controlled.

08 |  the internet is full of crap. with over 3.2 million posts since 2003 has supertalk been a credible contributor or a major culprit? 

The supertalk community is big, there are some knowledgeable people and some wankers as well hanging around here. 50/50? 60/40?!?


09 |  if supertalk got accidentally deleted would you be devastated or relieved? 

Neither probably. Let's say I would be devastated and my bank account would be relieved!

10 |  if you could nominate another superstar who would it be?

Another simple guy who likes to wear his denim well and hard, Max Power.



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This is a fun way to get to know people on this forum, and you've kicked it off with someone I like seeing posts from. Nice and short, and one per week sounds good, but I think fortnightly would also be quite okay. I'm looking forward to see whether the questions will be the same for each user or if you'll switch it up a little.

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@Foxy2 thinking to do 1 superstar per week... will try to make it on a scheduled day. 

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Nice little interview - keep it going at a decent pace...

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